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just bad

awful service. ordered an item from an ebay shop last week for next day delivery via parcelforce as thats what the store used. URGHHHHH!.
not only did it not come next day but weve had to wait until today to get the item through persistence of emails.
all we got was sorry itl be the next day, sorry itl be the next day,
someone LIED to my partner on the phone saying it WILL come saturday but them we checked my emails and said it would be here today (monday)... it finally arrived but thats not the point. we paid for a next day delivery that we never got and had to wait without anyone being able to say when it would be delivered.
when the item didnt arrive on the second day i emailed them an hour and a half before closing to ask where my parcel was. no reply so i tried again an hour later, still nothing. i guess they dont care too much about the customer.
tried calling and no one would pick up.
when they did finally reply all i got was "sorry" and "we dont know why it was not delivered" gee thanks for that.


Brilliant service!

i have had a pretty good experience with them.
only once have they not been able to find my home to deliver a parcel BUT i called up and it was arranged for the very next day!

parcels are wrapped well and protected very well! i have not had a damaged product from an amazon warehouse yet!

delivery guys are always pleasant and arrive in the allocated time slot.

i am also loving the free trial for one day delivery on amazon prime! its amazing!

the tracking system is updated regularly so you can see exactly where your package is at that time which is useful if you need to get in contact with amazon.


Disgusting service

We bought a BillyOh shed. it came, it was horrendous quality. it was falling to bits as it was being made.
this makes me think the items are not even quality checked.
the shed had warped panels which obviously will not keep out water. the wood split all over when using the nails provided and using their instructions so we knew we were doing right.
the roofing material TORE when we tried to use the tacs provided and the tacs didnt even penetrate the wood anyhow.
it took 2 months for them to sort this out and take the thing back.
constant emails since i was getting no where with them then they just ignored my emails after a while so then i decided to contact their wonderful (HAHAHAHA!!!!) suppliers, who were equally horrible to deal with.
The driver of one of their vehicles who was meant to collect this shed apparently found my road but not my house so instead of calling me to ask he did nothing and i had to wait a further 2 weeks for them to collect the shed.
now they are messing me about with my refund. apparently it would be done within 5 days of the item being collected. NO. so i called them. oh we dont know why it hasnt been done wel do that now for you. so i waited and i called 2 days later. oh yes its gone through itl be done in 2 working days.
i call back again a day later asking about it. they then say it didnt work and they have to send out a cheque? WHAT? are you serious?
so now im going to have to wait around another week to see if it even shows up in the post.
NEVER buying from them again. difficult, frustrating and painful to deal with. worst company i have ever had the misfortune of purchasing from.

finally received my cheque in the post. WRONG name on it even though ALL correspondence i have sent them has had my full name on it and everything i have received from them before this has had my full correct name on it. funny that isnt it.
So now i have a useless cheque and i have to wait much longer to get my money back.

no care what so ever has been taken.

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