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P**s poor excuse for customer service.

Any one convinced that the customer service team at Plusnet are a capable and understanding department are very much mistaken. I spoke to a grand total of 9 people about one question, only the final one was even remotely helpful and he sounded like his supervisor was holding a gun to his head.

2 issues: lack of any emotion or understanding and lack of knowledge and expertise,
I first rang after joining as I was told that an engineer would be at my property on a particular date me and my partner were free as we both work shifts, only to be told that the engineer was actually booked a week later as the earlier date was a 'rough guideline', 7 days in my eyes is not rough, its miles out. The 'woman' the other end of the phone read the FAQ Answers for employees and was clearly at the end of her shift and needed a cigarette as there was no sorry, compassion nothing.

So anyway I let the previous conversation slide as there was nothing I could do, however the bigger problem came when I made the mistake of beleiving them when they said on joining that the property I was moving into did not have a phone line and therefore need one installed. On arrival at the property it had an Open Reach port and after plugging a phone in and ringing 17070 was told the number attached, great news you may think, im now £49.99 better off as no engineer visit is needed and instead of waiting 3 weeks my internet could be up and runing after 5 days. I rang them up and told them this however they insisted I needed an engineer to install a new line and something in the exchange, I am lucky because I know how the exchange works aswel as how phonelines are owned and operated by Open Reach so I know that no engineer was needed and the 'ghost line' just needed to be activated. However it took 2 weeks, many phone calls and emails, and only on the day before the engineer visit was scheduled did they let me know that I was correct and all the phoneline needed was reactivating. Got a refund of money, but I had to fight long and hard for it, and it was all because the customer service dept did not know how their product and suppliers worked!

Got to play it by ear now the internet has finally arrived.

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