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Carpetright Plc

NO STARS!!!! and should be renamed 'CARPETSH*TE"!!!!

NO STARS!!!! and should be renamed 'CARPETSH*TE"!!!!

Sold me a carpet three years ago now which when fitted looked nothing like the sample that I had based my original purchase upon!

When I made a complaint to head office they didn't want to know (just like the branch from which I purchased it!) as they said that 'the sample of fibres that they took from my fitted carpet was a close enough match to the sample they held on file' (whatever that means?!?)

The fact that my carpet would change colour from the brick colour that I thought I was getting, to bright pink dependent upon which way it is brushed was not something that was explained to me at the time I looked at their sample (which most certainly didn't react in this way!).

I have since been informed by another reputable carpet vendor that my particular make of carpet is well known for reacting in such a manner and that they themselves would never have sold it without making sure that the customer was aware of this fact - something that 'Carpetsh*te' quite clearly couldn't be bothered to do!!

Not only that but their installation was appalling, with my newly hung wall paper (at a cost of nearly £60 per roll) damaged and the carpet cut short of the skirting board in several places.

Again they didn't want to know (there's a surprise!) saying that they were not responsible for the fitters, despite the fact that it was they who provided them!!! WTF!!!!!

Now I have read more recently that their share price is going down the sh*tter, with yet another of several recent profit warnings!

Well 'newsflash' d*ckheads! If you treat your customers like sh*t you won't continue to sell them any carpets, as word will eventually start to get around that you're cr*p! 'Simples!'

So when your sorry excuse for a company finally goes down the toilet if you listen carefully enough you might just hear the sound of me laughing my c*ck off!


Absolutely appalling, and couldn't run a bath!!

With my past experience of M&S Bank I will never shop in M&S for anything ever again, as a direct result of the quite appalling customer service experienced so far to date! This bank will surely do nothing other than ruin their brand!

Opened a savings account last year with £85K (the max. protected amount) as interest rate was best available at the time (only to be almost halved after only 3 months!). Constant trips back to the branch then on in, as unable effect online transfers due to mistakes made when bank staff set up the account; (they eventually found that wrong DOB had been input) as well as a list of other ongoing problems far too numerous to list here.

After experiencing, what amounted to in my own personal opinion, a serious potential security breach whilst dealing with an overseas call centre (followed by a denial that it ever happened) I requested an audio CD of the phone call in question (under the Data Protection Act) to send to the Financial Ombudsman.

Needless to say my money has now been transferred elsewhere!

Watersports Warehouse

Great products at a great price!

My nephew's snorkelling set was a great success as a ninth birthday present, and thanks to the hot weather he managed to spend the whole weekend snorkelling around the bay opposite Shoreham Harbour - and loved every minute of it!

I just wish I'd remembered to pack my wetsuit, as having spent so much time in the water keeping an eye on him I'm sure that I was mildly hypothermic by the time he'd had enough! The sun may have been out but the water was still a bit chilly. LOL

Thanks for making his birthday a great success!

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