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Fantastic quality, fast delivery, recommend!!!

I ordered some stuff that was "on sale". I paid 5 instead of 35pounds so that was bargain. I was surprised with the quality of them items. They were very sturdy, heavy, thick nothing like all them Chinese cheap tacky things. On top of that delivery was fast and courier they using the best I seen so far! It was for free that's the first thing. The day before delivery was due I got email and txt message with information that I can change date etc. if I need. Also 1h delivery time slot was "cheery on the top of the cake" coz I didn't have to spend all day waiting for delivery like I usually do with other couriers. I wish everyone transaction like this



I signed up to them 3months ago for a fixed price 2014 deal. Since then I have not received any bills yet. I have contacted them on numerous occasions by email/phone and all the time I got told: "we'll sort it out" and they never did. I have provided them with the meter readings on time and on 4 occasions I have provided reading even knows they didn't ask for it. Because I got fed up with them I have done the maths for them and calculated how many units I've used and then multiplied them against their unit price and added standing charge and still no bills issued yet. They advice to switch to fixed direct debit so that way I get away from a massive bill it's just a joke. When I asked when I can expect to get a bill I got told SOON. When I asked when is SOON, in 1mth time ,3mth time or in year time she wasn't able to tell me. POOR POOR POOR I wish I never signed up to them.

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