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City Link

It's amazing anyone receives packages!

Well, I had my phone being delivered yesterday and I had been told it had been dispatched. I had to be at work so I checked the delivery and it said it was sent not long after I got into work. I went home at lunch time and no one had been so I waited for an hour when my fiance got home and he sat in and waited from then on.

I then checked my tracker at about 2pm to see it was no longer out for delivery and was back at the depot! So, I got very annoyed and then got told by my fiance that it had arrived. Basically, our house has the front door straight off of a small living room. The city link man rang the doorbell and my fiance was on the sofa. He got up, walked across the room to the door and the man was already getting back into his van. That's how quickly they leave. He left no calling card but clearly had already set it up as a no-show as it appeared online to have gone back to the depot and he couldn't have done it that quickly.

I'm guessing they're given quotas- but you can't only give people seconds to open the door and not leave notes if they're out! We've had the same problem before (although that time we were out) that we were not left a note and did not even know something had been delivered.

It's appalling service because, as I say, my fiance was literally metres away from the door and the man still was at his van by the time he got to it! We've never had packages delivered to this address from city-link so it's not like they 'know we work and assume we're out'. It's ridiculous!

But, thankfully, we did get the parcel- thanks to my fiance running out after him!

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