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product ok, customer service is slow

I received a shower panel 15 days ago that was damaged during shipping. I immediately took a picture and emailed it to customer service (since I live in the US, it is the only way to contact them) showing the damage to the panel and asking for a replacement part (and not asking to replace the whole panel). the only thing broken on the panel is a clip that holds a glass shelf, so I just assumed it would be easy to find a new clip, put it in a padded envelope and send it to me. I got an email response with a ticket number, and since then, I have been responding to the ticket asking for updates. the first update I got was after 4 days of opening the ticket and it was that they had passed me off to the technical department to see if they had a spare part. the next update I got (after I sent an email asking for one) was 3 days after that, where I was asked to confirm my shipping address and the quality department was going to double check they were sending the right part. it has now been a week since that update, and I have not gotten anything in the mail, I have not gotten any correspondence saying where we are with my replacement part and I have just now sent a 3rd email asking for an update. this clip is delaying a bathroom remodel and I am planning on returning this product so I can finish my project. The catch to returns, however, is that you have to email and request an RMA before you can return anything. if you are ordering from this company and you are in the US, be prepared to wait and absolutely don't plan a construction project around it's delivery date.

25 July 2013

Reply from usa.hudsonreed.com

Good morning

We do sincerely apologize for the delay in replying to your messages.

As the part that was missing was the fitting bracket we did not have it immediately as a spare part. In fact I shall contact you on the site again to make sure that you have everything that you need.

It can happen from time to time that an item is damaged n transit and we do ask our customers not to plan any work until the item arrives with them safely and in perfect condition.

We strive to answer all emails in 24 hours and are genuinely sorry for the lack of response times that you did experience with Hudson Reed After Sales Team.

Many thanks for your patience.

Kind regards

The Hudson Reed Team.

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