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I purchased A samsung galaxy s 3 at the beginning of July on £21 for 100 Minutes, 5000 Texts and Unlimited data, which compared to the other companies is good value.

I then received the bill through the post and to my amazement it read 'your monthly bill will be £33' I still had the same allowance of minutes, texts and internet yet it was £12 a month more ( on a 24 month contract that's £288!) Even though the signed contract I have says £21!!!!

I phoned 3, after the 20 minutes I Finally got through to an advisor, unlike the other phone companies their offices are in Asia and the man on the phone had such a strong accent I really struggled to understand him. I firstly explained my situation, he then put me on hold for another 5 minutes while he spoke to his supervisor. When he came back he explained that his screen said £33.

The funny thing is that 3 don't even have a £33 a month tariff so where they got £33 from I have no idea, when I explained this to the advisor he said that it was 'against policy' to check the website! He then stated that the only way to fix the problem would be for ME to phone the Carphone Warehouse, To my amazement he refused to do it for me saying that it was unfair for him to have to do it! So much for helping the customer or that the customer is always right! He had no valid reason why it couldn't be done, even though it was their fault as the Carphone Warehouse contract that '3' signed says £21

I was asking him what I had to say to the Carphone Warehouse when he bye and hung up, leaving me with no real idea of what to do except call the Carphone Warehouse.

So as requested I called the carphone warehouse who as I excpected said that they can't deal with me over the phone and that it needed to be the '3' representative, who had just refused to call them and hung up on me, probably to have a tea break.

Oh and did I mention that the Carphone warehouse isn't a free number 3 have already wasted my time and money pointlessly

So today I drove to my local Carphone Warehouse and they can't explain what has happened as they sent the paperwork off with £21 clearly displayed the day I purchased the contract.

Had 3 simply phoned the Carphone Warehouse in the first place I would not be writing this review but the refused to no apparent reason!

I am really regretting choosing 3, their signal finder on their website is useless so don't use that either as it said that my office has a brilliant signal, I have no service all day and seeing as lots of my business is on my mobile that is a real problem

I didn't even bother looking at reviews as it is such a big well known company but I really wish I had.

DO NOT USE 3! EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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