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I ordered a Premium Purple Haze bouquet as a funeral present for the family of a deceased friend that lives abroad. It seemed everything was ok because I received an email from FloraQueen saying "your flowers have been delivered" and so it appeared in the track history in my FloraQueen account.
Two months later I get to talk to the family and I asked them about the flowers and the note, but they told me they never received any bouquet nor note from me. I was so embarrased. I promised I had sent them a bouquet with a grief note they never got, letting them in doubt if that was really an excuse from me or not.
I sent an email to FloraQueen expressing all this and they replied they would study the case but that due to the amount of time passed since the order, they didn't think something could be done. I replied expressing my anger because the "amount of time" passed was due to a missinformation given to me by FloraQueen. So they replied back saying: "We have confirmed the provider was not able to deliver the flowers and we will refund you the money in 5-7 days through the same payment method you used". I replied back again saying this was not an answer from a Customer Service Center, because getting my money back after 2 months was not enough to compensate the damage they have caused, and also they hadn't explained to me why they said it was delivered when it was not. So I never heard back from them and 7 days later I got my money back through Paypal...minus 2,42€ commission for PayPal! So I called the office in Barcelona and Juan Pérez gets in the phone and after explaining to him the whole case we have a conversation more or less like this:
JUAN: We have refunded the money you paid.
ME: That is not what I got. Plus you had to refund me the money because of a horrible mistake you made. So I have to pay twice for this? First I suffer the consequences of my client's mistake and then I have to pay a commission to the bank to get my money back?
J: That is what Paypal charge us for the transaction.
M: I don't care. If FloraQueen had done the job right you would not have to be giving me any money back. The least you can do is pay 2,42€ so that your client can have the same amount of money he paid for something he never got.
J: That's all I can do for you.
M: May I talk to a superior?
J: I am the superior here. Do you want a complaint sheet?
M: Congratulations for making a loyal customer after 5 years to never buy again in your store due to...2,42€. I wonder how much money you spend in marketing just to catch 1 client, but I bet is more than that.
J: I will send you the complaint sheet to your email address.

And 5 minutes later the complaint sheet it was in my box but I didn't bother to fill it in because nobody cares, I just want everybody to know how this company really is.
Keep it up FloraQueen. I foresee a great future for you.

BTW, even though there is no way on Earth to find a phone number to contact FloraQueen I found it by chance through the PayPal payment receipt:
+34 932010015
For future beaten clients, here's where your queries can be unattended.

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