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I wanted to book the crossing for myself and a friend travelling on two motorcycles. Upon entering the details on the main page, I was informed by a pop up that: "Only one motorcycle can be booked per ticket. If you wish to book more than one motorcycle you will need to make a separate booking for each motorcycle".
There was no mention of the second person and I have added motorcycles to ferry bookings in the past without any hassle, so I've booked the two of us travelling on one bike and phoned the office to add the second bike.

I was promptly informed that I have read the pop-up incorrectly and I cannot add a second motorcycle to my booking, I have lost my money and need to make another £120 booking. Despite arguing for a few minutes, the operator remained adamant that everything is my fault and I need to make a new booking and started asking for the details for the new booking.

After arguing a bit more, I was informed that they will put me on hold to check the pop up on the website and prove to me that I have read it incorrectly. After a very brief time on hold, the operator returned to me with the information: "Ok, that's all booked for you now".

It has to be said that the trip, meals and (eventually) bikes were booked as requested at a price lower than the ferry operator.
Just pray you don't have to call them.

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