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Cowboys - AVOID!!!!!

I placed an order with this company over the telephone on 30/12/2010., to the value of £2085.77. Within the same conversation, but immediately prior to the order being placed I asked the sales individual for their companies best price for specific products which I had received quotes on from other electrical companies ( the price was quoted as one total figure and no individual item prices were quoted). As this companies price, overall, was the most competitive, I decided to confirm and go ahead with the order. Within this conversation, I asked on numerous occasions for clarification of the full order and the sales individual repeatedly provided the order description but with anomalies? Eventually, when the specific number of items had been confirmed correctly, I then continued and asked for clarification of the items and that the glasses were re-chargeable (of which I had been quoted within the package costs from elsewhere), I received a confirming “yes” from the member of staff. Happy with this I proceeded with the transaction, but asked for a confirmation e-mail to be forwarded to my e-mail address before receipt of goods.

Over a week passed and I had received no contact? On the 12th January I phoned the company to establish due dates for delivery and to query the e-mail non-receipt, I was astonished to be advised that the reason for the missing e-mail was due to “talktalk” being mis-spelt? And that the failed delivery had not been detected by any of their staff? Paul Garrett re-assured me that another e-mail would be sent correctly. I also asked for clarification of the order over the telephone, as my confidence in their staff competence was at this point being questioned in my mind. It was within this verbal confirmation, that it became clear that the glasses were not detailed as re-chargeable on the order? I left this query with their customer service team to investigate and to date this is still not resolved? I have contacted their customer service team on 14 different days to date, since 12th January and spoke to numerous individuals. I have sent emails, escalated the matter to managers and managers, managers without any resolution. The initial sales call was listened to, but conveniently, only half the call was recorded and the part of the conversation in which “rechargeable glasses” were confirmed, is missing?

The level of customer service I have received from this company has been diabolical, virtually none of my calls were returned, even when requested from supposed managers such as Nicola Smith and Jane Marshall? Basically, I agreed to purchase certain items for a certain price and to date these have not been received. Under the sale of goods act 1979, this is classed as a breach of contract, as they have failed to deliver and provide specific described goods, which I paid for on 30/12/10.

Also, on receipt of the goods on Saturday 15th January it became clear that there was a package missing from the delivery, as advised by the courier and so noted on their paperwork at the time of delivery. The missing item was the children’s 3-D glasses. I called this company and spoke to Jonathan Fernley at 3.20pm on the same day and asked for this to be looked into. Once again, this matter went unresolved, even though I repeatedly called your customer service team every couple of days, in an effort to resolve the problem. Only on the 1st February did I start to see some sort of investigation take place and the company’s initial findings were that I had in actual fact received and signed for the missing glasses??? Totally shocked by the insinuation I proceeded to submit photographic evidence to prove that the packaging which I received the goods in, could not have physically fit anything else in. Direct tv's accepted this and upon further investigation, they advised me that the glasses were missing and they are unable to source any further glasses for me, nor plan to get any back in stock. Their only offer to resolve this situation was to refund me the price of which I paid? I never agreed to specific item prices, within the sales call I agreed to a total price for the whole order and the price was discounted in relation to the amount of money which I was spending. In order for me to now purchase these glasses from elsewhere, I will not receive any discount as I have already purchased the main expensive item from this company. Once again, this company’s actions have breached the agreed contract under the sales of goods act 1979 and in particular “loss of bargain”.

Also, why the “UK’s largest online TV specialist company” won’t be looking to stock a compatible product to the recently launched 3-D range of Samsung TV’s of the future, is puzzling and hard to believe, especially as Samsung still stock and sell the children’s re-chargeable glasses?

To date I feel as though I have been mis-sold this package, as I have not received what I ordered and the whole ordeal has been a scam. I handed over my money, but didn’t receive what I ordered and I’m now unable to source these items elsewhere at a discounted rate?

I am now awaiting a reply from this company as I have sent 2 written letters complaining, before I pass the details to trading standards and proceed with court action!

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