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Ebay is just too much trouble and too unsafe to use

When a company removes the rights of the individual to defend themselves against those people that wish to mistreat them for gain or just for malice you damned better hope they offer good protection in other ways.

But I am afraid ebay is totally lacking, as their protection seems to designed to protect the big companies, with what appear to be their back room deals of no fees and reduced feedback problems, so the small to medium seller is left to every idiot that has issues with life or any person that wishes to rob them blind.

I had been on ebay for over ten year and have watched the change from it being a venue where buyers and sellers had to be careful, as there were always scam artists but the changes ebay have made have made it so unsafe for sellers, as they removed their option to say no to any threats or blackmail, as the ebay policy of the buyer is always right makes it possible for the unscrupulous person to carry out those threats of buying items from you just to leave you bad feedback, which in turn can have you closed down.
In fact ebay have made it so easy that the unscrupulous person can hit you three times with each sale.
They buy an item and go direct to ebay with a not as described. This is considered by ebay as the sellers fault so it counts as a strike against the seller, even if the seller has agreed before the complaint to accept the return.
Then they leave the seller negative feedback. This again counts as a strike against the sellers account.
Then lastly as they leave negative feedback they can select one's or twos in the stars or DSRs, which are the third strike on a sellers account. So a lot of sellers find themselves agreeing to extortion rather than loosing their account.
And although ebay say they will protect you from threats, every time I tried to ask them to look into it, they did nothing but agree with the buyer's threats.

I had every sort of threat on ebay over the years and then when it was ebay threatening me I decided enough was enough and moved on to

If you have to use ebay as a seller then just be careful, as things will continue to get worse, as more and more criminals pretend to be buyers and ebay bury their head in the sand and ignore their sellers requests for protection.

Do not rely totally on ebay as a venue if at all and start using the alternatives or start up your own site, I suspect it will only be a matter of time before every seller is stung one way or another.

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After living through the ebay changes for ten year ebid is great

I found ebid years ago but time was taking up by ebay back in the day when ebay worked so just forgot about it. what a mistake that was, we should have never allowed ebay the power we gave them.

Then found ebid again as ebay started making their changes and can honestly say I was contemplating quitting selling on line after being attacked and battered on ebay.

What a place, ebid worked even better than ebay back when ebay used to work and it was so refreshing that I decided to pay the forty odd pound and stick around.

Not a lot happened at first, as I was still in the ebay mindset of list and hope to get the prices I want, then I began to read through the forums and ebid became selling partners with google and things started to pick up and are still doing so now.

If you tried before and struggled then I would suggest trying again, as the google partnership is working sales just keep increasing on ebid.

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