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Painless and quick

First time user and very happy with item. Wanted a 3.5mm jack splitter cable of reasonable quality without paying the earth, not the normal rubbish you find on Ebay. Kenable had a good choice and purchase was simple using PayPal. The item arrived very quickly and well packaged. I would definitely use them again.


Don't expect customer service once you've paid!

I used this outfit once - the customer service was fine until they get your money, after which they have no interest at all. We paid £6k for 2 weeks in Mexico (Travel bag were the cheapest). During the holiday we had an issue with our booked & paid for transport - it did not show. I emailed Travelbag (there was no rep to be found during the whole stay) and asked for their assistance and got a really helpful reply; 'call the transport provider and sort yourself'. A quality service provider they are not. We have at least 3 foreign holidays a year - none will ever be through Travelbag again. They have lost our business (circa £15k a year) for the price of a phone call. A business with a great future.....?

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Used twice - never ever ever again

I have traveled the world for 40 years, visited over 100 countries and used large and small agents. Virgin Holidays must rank as the most hopeless organization i have ever had the unfortunate luck to use. If you have the bad luck of getting through to the off shore team - hang up. You will get polite lip service and nothing else. The staff in the UK are helpful - if you can get through to them. The phone system used cuts you off and transfers you until you get an engaged tone - then you have to start again & again & again.... As for the holidays - the only Rock Star treatment you get would be on par with a spell in rehab. I contacted them after I found out that the hotel was under major refurbishment 4 weeks prior to departure - they did not have a clue about this. I found out through Trip Advisor, and confirmed it with the Virgin staff in resort. We have made arrangements for trips and visits so changing at this late stage is not happening and there are no other hotels available in the area. Taken the shine off the holiday already. The worst aspect of it all is YOU have to chase them - they never return calls or emails. I had some issues last year prior to departure and emailed them (after giving up calling) They never replied to any of the 3 emails. When i returned i complained about their zero service and they replied to my first email regarding the holiday i had already been on! Never ever again :(

PC Specialist Ltd

Fantastic service and quality

I have been using PC Specialist for about 7 years. Their knowledge and customer service are first class. I had a BIOS issue well outside my warranty, but they dealt with it without any cost to me. I have brought full PCs and components without 1 issue. Highly recommended.

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