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Great customer service

I have always found cotton traders efficient and good quality and have used them for many years. Before Christmas, I bought a lovely ceramic Santa night light which my son managed to smash...I was mortified. Even though it was after Christmas and all had been sold out, Cotton Traders managed to locate one for me and sent it free of charge. Over the years I have used this company many times and they always send items promptly and keep you informed of any delay. Have had no problem with the delivery company that they use - all local couriers.


Excellent service

Everything you need in one place with an excellent feedback system. I used to use eBay, but Amazon is so much more versatile and also the reviews are specific to product which is great for researching. Much of my online buying nowadays is from Amazon. On the few occasions I have had problems, Amazon have dealt with things quickly and professionally. I feel confident in buying from Amazon and the search facility works well too. Delivery is always prompt and i can even get texts from the delivery companies to notify me when an item has been delivered. Trouble - free shopping!

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Prompt delivery and delivers when advertised. Reliable. One of the better delivery companies.


Excellent products

Great value goods and excellent quality. Ordered online from the website. The customer service and communication is also very good - dealing with queries and problems quickly and efficiently. Delivery was swift when using Tuffnells, but unfortunately on the one occasion when the company used Citylink, my delivery didn't arrive as notified, but this was not the fault of Wilsons and they sorted the issue promptly. Would recommend and will buy from them again.



After being accused of making up a review, which was untrue, I was asked to forward proof of purchase, which I duly did. I could not quite understand it when I was asked to send a screenshot of the email I'd forwarded instead as oddly enough, the original email wasn't good enough (but a photoshopped copy would be der....)
So I sent the copy only to be asked by Trustpilot to resend with evidence of who had sent me the mail! In the mail was the company name, employee name, company address, phone number as well as logo. In addition was the order date, details and also the order number. I fail to see what was wrong with this information. TrustPilot also insist on sending me the same mail over and over within seconds of the previous really is beginning to grate. The last ridiculous occurrence is that they ask me for proof of sender, but fail to put any of these details in the mails that they send out! Unbelievable....Bet this doesn't get printed either.


Hello Claire
I have provided the evidence, several times in several formats. I have been required, as Ben (the reviewer I responded to below) has, to jump through several hoops. Each time I give the information required, it is not good enough (according to Trustpilot) and the SAME information, already provided, is requested again - but the data is never checked (e.g. phone the company, check the tracking data - a 2 second job). For example, you asked for proof of purchase, so I forwarded the exact email containing name of company, address, phone number, order number, order details and a name on the email of the person who had sent the email, along with an email address, website address and company logo. I even sent the tracking number which could have been checked on the site of the delivery company causing the problem. None of this evidence has been deemed good enough!

I was then asked to send a SCREENSHOT or PDF of this information as (Trustpilot says) an email can be doctored. Would you mind explaining to me how a PDF or screenshot cannot be doctored, where an email can? Send me a PDF and I'll doctor it for you. The same can be said of a screenshot. How come a screenshot of what isn't acceptable suddenly becomes acceptable? Is this starting to sound ridiculous to you, because it does to me.

Why haven't you called the Company A in the information I have given to verify my order and to verrify that it was eventually delivered (as the email confirms) by Company B (which is the company I am complaining about). I have incidentally left a glowing review of Company A. Of course I cannot provide documentary evidence of the transaction between Company A and Company B as that was a transaction between them, not me but Company A clearly proved in the information I sent you that Company B was responsible for the lack of delivery for my item - which was what my offending review was about.

As for the delivery company in question, as a result of this fiasco, I have now gone onto several other review sites and left equally damning reviews of them on there - so they haven't achieved anything in trying to get my review removed. If anyting, they have made it worse.

If you want to act as mediator, then a review ought to be removed only when evidence cannot be presented, not prior as you are doing.

and ask for evidence of the name of someone who sends emails as evidence, why then when your company sends emails, do you not sign them off with a name??!

I am having to edit my original post as my comments had to be removed when I realised you cannot comment on this site using the Trustpilot ID, only your facebook account - which of course has my real full name on it. (Trustpilot suggested I change the name on my facebook account...ho hum).

, I have now been asked to provide evidence of the transaction which existed between Company A and Company B! How can I do this when I was the 3rd party?

I provided the tracking number for Company B (provided to me by Company A in an email) 2 weeks ago to you, why didn't you just put that on the city link tracking site? If you do, you'll see it shows the date and time the item was finally delivered - and my SURNAME. I can do it and screen shot it, but screenshots can be tampered with!!!

Will you now want a copy (screenshot or PDF) of my birth certificate to prove who I am?????????


I was told all the information I have provided to date isn't good enough. Nor are the screenshots of emails from my gmail account as they only show the email address from Company A and not the word FROM next to it....
Trustpilot have yet to call Company A to verify or type tracking into the website of Comapny B. They have now asked me to show the word "FROM" on my email and they will be happy.

I remain to be convinced...

So, I have now sent a new screenshot showing the word FROM, have enclosed the headers too, and then edited both screenshots and changed the email address to in order to prove how easy it is to fake the "unfakeable" evidence they so crave.


I'm off to do the gardening...and take my prozac.

16 hours ago

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Bev,

Thanks for taking the time to leave your review.

I understand it can be annoying to have to provide us with the documentation we need, however since Trustpilot is an open platform where everyone can read and write reviews about the companies they buy from, we have a reporting option for the reviews. This helps us to ensure the quality of the reviews by allowing companies and users to report a review that may not follow our review guidelines or could be written by someone who can't be identified as a real customer. Any company or consumer can report a review and you can see who, when and why a review has been reported on the company profile page.

One of my colleagues in Community Support is investigating the issue. If you can provide the documentation we require, that shows you bought something from the company, we will restore your review. I understand that this is a hassle, but it's the best way we can ensure that reviews are written by real customers. So I hope you can help us and other consumers by providing a proof of purchase.

Best Regards,

City Link


I left a review on the trustpilot city link page many months ago. I get an email today from Trustpilot suggesting that city link are trying to have my review removed as there was no proof of purchase! I wasn't aware that I was supposed to plaster my personal information all over a public site. If I don't respond to the email, my review/rating will be removed from Trustpilot. Needless to say I have unearthed the purchase details from last July. No doubt City Link bank on being able to engage in this underhand practice in the hope that the customer will have tidied their inbox and won't have the evidence to hand! As a result of this, I felt it only fair that I should alert customers on here to what they are up to in order to massage their poor results (guess what City Link, it's not working). order to show my review is valid, the company I ordered from was Wilson's Blinds, in Juy 2013 order number WB67368, tracking IBJ68132. Happy now?
As for what City Link did - they pretended to deliver my parcel, pretended to put a card through the door and labelled my tracking as failed delivery. In truth, they hadn't been anywhere near my house, there was no card and when I contacted City Link, the driver had taken a photo of a house which wasn't mine, and pretended he'd tried to deliver and I was out. Not true! I'd waited in all Friday for the delivery and I do not live in a remote area, my house is very easy to find.

Ultimately, I had to reschedule after the weekend which meant 3 days more delay as they refused to deliver my parcel, when requested - given it was their error, on the Saturday because I had not paid for Sat delivery! NIL CUSTOMER SERVICE!

City Link

This review has been reported to customer service by the company for missing proof of purchase.

Customer service is in the process of investigating this review.

Following this investigation, it will either be deleted or returned to Trustpilot.

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