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City Link

Spent a day and a half of my holiday waiting for City-Link

I was in Aberdeen on holiday, and my US to UK voltage converter stopped working and I couldn't charge my phone. I went to several shops in Aberdeen in hopes of finding one, though I figured it was something they wouldn't have much need to carry. I found one on Amazon UK and ordered next day delivery, which cost £ 7.99, more than the cost of the converter. When I told my boyfriend about it, he said we should wait for the delivery, since it had taken him a month to finally get his new phone delivered from City-Link. We were at the flat all day. I checked Amazon tracking. It said that for some unknown reason, the package had been sent to Peterborough, in southern England, but had been corrected and sent back to Aberdeen and was out for delivery as of 2:00.
I checked Amazon later since it still hadn't arrived. Now it said an "attempted delivery" was made at 1:00. We were there at the time, no one rang the bell and there was no attempted delivery notice. There are clearly marked bells for each flat and a service bell for the post. We even tested them. I called City-Link and told them this. They said that deliveries were finished and they'd delilver it the next day. I asked if I could be one of the first deliveries, since it was their mistake. She said they couldn't give me an estimated time, and that I should call after 8 the next morning. I called at about 10 and the man who answered said that I sounded "fed up" and that the van was in the area and should be at the flat within the next 2 hours. He finally came at 12 noon.
I reported it to Amazon on the order feedback, but they didn't respond. I said that they should not use such an unreliable service. Of course, I didn't get the £ 7.99 delivery charge back.
Another friend from Portlethen said that she had a problem with them not delivering her entire order and had to spend the afternoon on the phone with them to get an answer.
I'm tempted to bring an extra converter with me next time.

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