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Oh my, where should I start?

I unfortunately stayed with them for 18 months and I just had to leave as soon as possible! I left for another website builder and they are much better.

Customer agents are just incompetent. They are clueless, they just read their stupid already written answers and if your question does not match one of their answers, they just don't reply!
The "technicians" are as good in IT as a monkey would be in flying a plane. They will not hesitate to lie to you, making you think that it's your PC that has a fault, not them.

Their website builder thing is just awful. Nothing works fine basically! I found errors with almost every single of their widgets or apps.
Can you believe this??? Some of the major issues, have been issues for over 2 years, most of them, for over 1 year! That means they don't give a damn if something does not work, they don't even try to fix it, because they know they are not able to in the first place!

I have a commercial website, I give lessons online over skype. So my customers can visit my website to get their daily lesson. I can't count the number of times I received complaints that the WEBSITE WAS DOWN! And of course, there are no refunds of discounts when this happens. It has happened so often, that I had to leave them before the end of the 12 months I already paid for.

To sum it up, DON'T BOTHER opening an account with them. Flee while you can, it's too late for me, but you can still save your life....and your website.


Not too bad, but could be much better

I've read a lot of awful reviews here. I've had a webiste with for about 6 months and it has been working quite well.
I was with before and believe, are MUCH better and MUCH more reliable!

I haven't noticed that my website was down during those 6 months, the apps/widgets are working fine but there's 1 thing that kills me:

YOU CAN'T USE YOUR HOSTED SPACE AS YOU WISH!!!!! Which means that when you upload an image, you can't get the direct link of it, that means that you can't upload any files you want (which is really stupid) etc...
So the space allocated to you for your uploads is pretty much useless!
That drives me CRAZY! It is such a stupid approach for a website builder, I can't believe this.

I have decided to pay monthly for now, even though it's more expensive than paying yearly, because I want to make sure that this is worth my money. It's not quite yet, but it's much better than my past experiences.


Thieves! Text messages are only of 140 instead of 160 everywhere else and it's not advertised anywhere!

be careful when you order with them! There are quite a few things, they "forget" to advertise, such as the length of each text messages. 140 instead of the worldwide length used of 160! I had never seen that before!
On top of that, if you send messages in non English letters (French, german, Swedish or else), each accent counts for 3 characters instead of just 1. That is not advertised either!
That's a lot of things that are not said prior to giving our money out to these thieves! Unbelievable


Appaling customer service. Avoid at all costs

This company shouldn't be allowed to even exist.

I had a parcel sent using UPS service from the UK to New Caledonia. When I chatted with Parcel2go, they said it was ok to send to a PO box, as they are mainly used on the island.
Service was advertised to be between 3-5 days. After 12 days, parcel is still not delivered. UPS contacted me saying they can't deliver the parcel because it is a PO box address!!
Not only this, but now Parcel2go sent me an email today saying I will have to pay for the return of the parcel although it is entirely their fault.
Customer service is appalling, filled with people who don't have a clue and don't care at all about customers.
Disgusting company!

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