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No working Fridge Freezer and no money either!!!!

Purchased a Fridge Freezer on June 1st 2013 at Curry's online which was delivered on 7th June. Within days the freezer leaked and stopped making ice, engineer out and sorted the issue.
One week later the fridge was getting warmer and food started going off, engineer called and back of frost free...self defrosting freezer was frozen over solid. The engineer says this should not happen to a new one and replaced the fan, but it was sorted until 4 days later again!!
Fridge Freezer now iced over and fridge warmer than the temperature outside!
Engineer came again, who replaced the chip in the workings adn he could not wait to get out of the door....leaving without defrosting the workings and saying that we will see what happens!
Next day it is still not working, have contacted Currys who say they will offer a replacement or refund....good you think huh?
Noooo... Currys say that the fridge freezer will take 2-4 weeks to be delivered!!!
and no we cant have one that is in stock in the shop as it appears the shops and online are different companies trading under the same name!!!
Requested a refund and my money put back on my card....
No, they cant collect for nearly 2 weeks and then you have to wait for Currys to recieve it back and process it will will likely take 5 more working days!!!!
So I have a fridge freezer which has never worked correctly and I am going to have to wait nearly 3 weeks for a refund
and all of this in the middle of a heatwave!!
I paid this money in good faith and they wont give me my money back despite the fact they could contact Daewoo or the engineers to get confirmation of the issues.
So I am having to pay interest on a new fridge by a different supplier so that I can have some food and yet I cant get my money which they have had for already nearly 2 months under false pretenses.
Yes it seems Currys just barely stay within UK law and the consumer loses out all ways.

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