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Awful, rudest driver/delivery man I have ever met

The driver, called me to come out of my block to get my parcel, a huge parcel, I came out to find he wasn't even outside, I called the number that he rang me from with no answer, just to watch a white van come round the corner a minute or 2 later (I am already unhappy with this service). When I get to the van, the driver is moving boxes around I then worst packed van I have ever seen, this did not look safe, he then dragged my delicate order out of the van, hitting the ledge of the van and then the pavement pretty hard. The lazy man reached in his van and pulled out the paperwork, maybe he is getting it out of the way I thought, he can't be leaving me here to carry this into my flat alone, but oh yes, he asked me to sign and print my name on his sheet and got back in his van and drove off. I tried to stop him for help but nothing, this lazy man even waved at me as he drove off.
I can't believe that this is a service people are expected to pay for.
Don't use this service.

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David Lomas
Manchester, United Kingdom