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Rude, uneven and misunderstanding.

Talk about being very disloyal to the ones who need it most, just today I have been dealing with quite a few issues with some of the Tesco's staff.
So, I have decided to make up my mind and to go ahead, putting up a mega-complaint which does not only goes towards me but is directed to the other people who were once known to experience the same sort of trouble from a member of security.

I now officially hate what Tescos had in store for me today as they have now proven to be very unfair towards the people with who are known to suffer with special needs, just because I have chosen to wear my hoodie around the premises of your shop does NOT in any way mean I am a CROOK! The reasons to why I must wear it around public places such as that are for reasons that are such psychological that it is also beginning to effect my lack of confidence in and around public places, without out the simple coverage of a hoodie, my confidence and self-esteem would increasingly begin to die off, my ability to even set a foot outside would become more of a challenge than ever.

For the love of all who seem depressed and are too classed with such medical and mental conditions such as GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) and moderate depression, it just shocks me how much Tesco's take actual acknowledgement, even for the ones who are on the Autistic Spectrum, like me.

How dare they proceed to do this to somebody as troubled as me?
Talk about having a lack of common sense towards humans and their rights! Being stopped and accused by a member of security among others during my time of regular shopping without any harm is an offense! Bickering to the other staff after that is not tolerated either! Thanks to them I am now afraid of even setting foot into that shop in risk of once again being put into the same position, with the same member of staff, people reporting me for something such as meaningless as that? Autism Concern is sure to be set in their way if they even dare to proceed with the same actions towards me and my father!

So, here we go with an apology for even writing something such as this, it is just that, whenever someone goes against me and my own rights, things do tend to become ugly, I wouldn't even plan to do anyone harm, I wish for people to be understood, not judged, where's the peace of mind in people?

I am only a youngster, so please do not take this personally as I do not know any better.

Thank you.

And as a note, this is to only be directed at the Tesco's security only and not meant to be taken as a note of harassment.

Thank you for your time.

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The young imbecile with a thing, someone who would wish to spend their summer online reviewing different services and companies is wasteful, that I should know. But knowing the type of being I tend to be, I would rather just go with my beliefs to help keep people away from such online scammers, bound to save you a lot of trouble that way.

Just to be clear here, I am only around the age between 13-16 so, if I were you I would be wary for the fact that feedback which I may give has a fair chance of not being accurate hence the fact that I decide to call myself the young imbecile.