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Great Hosting company, Outstanding customer service. Highly recommended.

I signed up to TSO Host on the basis of a recommendation from a popular forum. I initially signed up to the clustered hosting package, but it soon became apparent that it was not ideally suited to my needs. Nothing wrong with the system, it just wasn't the best package for MY system.
The guys at support were great and very quickly moved me over to a VDS.
I've now been with TSO for 6-7 months and I can report that my site has been running smoothly throughout. I have a monitor on our site that reports downtime and I think it has emailed me once to say the site was down, but within 3 minutes I can a further email telling me it was back up again.
Support from TSO Host is second to none. Whenever I have need assistance I have had a reply to my email within minutes and all of my issues have been resolved very quickly. I would like to point out that most of the issues were down to me not knowing how to do something and not system issues.

I also do a fair bit of ecommerce development and have also used the standard TSO shared hosting packages and even these seem to be extremely stable and a pleasure to work with.

To summarise I would highly recommend TSO to anybody reading this.

Can't give less than one star

If you are serious about earning a living via ecommerce you need to stay well away from this company.

We started with them and stayed with them for 2 years. During that time I was a very active member of the EKM community forum where members would come for help with coding and various other issues.

Over the course of the two years that I was with this company, many, many, many requests were raised for updates to the system (EKM has the most dated ecommerce platform out there). EKM would promise updates but they never materialised. Even billing us via Direct Debit was apparently in testing for a year and a half and still they don't do direct debits.

Eventually we banded together on the forum and kicked up a bit of a stink about their total lack of service and lack of any form of useful updates. The thread got deleted and a few of us banned.

This is the sort of business EKM is. They don't give a damn about their customers, they won't listen to their customers and when the customers speaks their mind they are banned so as not to cause any trouble.

Besides the lack of updates the system is buggy as hell. You get logged off for no apparent reason. EKM have yet to figure out why this is and the general answer is clear cache and cookies. Editing only seems to work in certain browsers on certain operating systems although it is not consistent. The system can be terribly slow (not surprising seeing as they use a Microsoft Access Database and cram 200+ shops onto a single server.) There answer to this is to pay for a VPS system at *cough* £180/month

Their advertising blurb brags about no coding experience needed. This is not true. Their WYSIWYG editor does not work and will destroy hours of hard work so you have no choice by to write the HTML code.
They also don't tell you anywhere that if they feel your bandwidth is too high they will force you onto a VPS system as a cost of £180/month.
That's a steep jump from £20 and there is nothing in between. Also for your £180/month you are still stuck with the same EKM system. You get no additional features. Just to put this into perspective I have just moved my shop to a VPS which is costing me £40/month. I could also have a dedicated server for £200/month. EKM want close to £1000/month for that privilege.

Lets talk about their customer service. Oh well they don't have any. It used to be reasonably good, but recently they have employed a bunch of kids that just don't have a clue. Everything needs to be escalated to 2nd line support as they just don't have the ability to answer your questions. If they can't replicate a problem on their end then there must be no problem so you can do one. Or "Yes we can see there is a bug but we will charge you £50 to fix it."

Anyway to summarise. Stay away from this bunch of clowns. There are quite a few alternative options with far more features at the same monthly fee.

Good Luck

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Didn't receive the goods advertised and not on time

I decided to purhcase 2 cubic metres of seasoned Firewood from this company. They offered Next day delivery for just over £20, but I opted for their free delivery which was suppose to be delivered within 72 hours. I was not in a great rush.

A week later I was still waiting for my delivery, but after many calls to various depots of the haulage company it eventually arrived.

Firstly they courier couldn't get his vehicle up our driveway so it was left at the bottom of the hill. This is half a mile from my house so I had to cart the wood up in our car over 7-8 trips.

Also when we opened the bag, you could smell the damp and mould. This wood has certainly not been seasoned and is now useless to me until next year as it is far to wet to burn. Their website states that the wood has been stored for several months over the summer period to allow it to dry out. Strangely though when I called them to ask where they delivery was, they told me they had run out and were waiting for their new delivery.

I will never use this company again and would not recommend them to anybody. I feel totally ripped off. I could have bought freshly cut wood for half the price from a local sawmill.

Case Depot

Fantasic, couldn't ask for more. Thank You

I've been pondering a Peli Case 1510 for my camera gear for a long time now and after reading many online reviews, I found just what I was looking for at Case Depot with free next day delivery. Peli Cases aren't cheap, but if you compare them to your usual camera backpack at around £80 for anything good, you can't really argue at the price. Granted it's not as portable but I can now keep all my gear in the boot of my car in the knowledge that it's well protected.


Very impressed.

So far very happy. I ordered my lawn sweeper on Sunday evening and on Tuesday morning it arrived. After 45 minutes assembling, I hooked it up to my mower and had the lawn clear within half an hour (its a big lawn).

Hopefully the after sales service is better that mentioned here. Being in the e-commerce business myself, I know that people are very quick to leave a bad review when things go wrong, but not so quick to leave a good review when things go right. Lets hope I never have to find out what it's really like.

Focus D-i-y

Poor Quality Goods

I purchased a table and chair set for the garden in their recent sale. Was £399 now £179. This was the Wentworth set.

It was certainly not £399 worth of furniture. We eventually had three tables delivered and every single one was damaged in some way or another.

In all fairness to Focus they were quick to get a new table out to me each time (hence the two stars), but let face it, I'd rather have just received a good quality table in the first place.

Why don't they just state they are selling cheap crap instead of making out they are selling quality goods at a reduced price.

I still have a damaged table, I just can't be bothered to wait in for a forth delivery.

I suppose it will make good BBQ firewood and at least I can sit around the fire on the chairs that came with the table. I'll just have to eat on my lap.

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