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Very poor communication, very long lead times, no solid timeframes

Ordered a Sony Xperia P. Had previously ordered, without issue, an Asus TF300T.

After 8 working days, hadn't received the order or any communication from ValueBasket. When I contacted them, they said the item was on backorder and would be in stock "some time next week" (this was Wednesday, so a nice 10 day window for them) and then would be delivered expedited delivery, free of charge, within 3 days after that. I pointed out that no one had contacted me to tell me that the item wasn't in stock, and that I was moving during the new anticipated delivery timeframe. I requested a refund so we could take our business elsewhere.

Telling me that they can't give a solid timeframe because they don't want to disappoint me if they can't make it says to me that their stocking process isn't any good. You know when items are being delivered. If you don't, your supplier is just terrible or you have no idea about your stock levels.

ValueBasket didn't really listen, and instead offered a free 4gb SD card (retail value probably about $15, wholesale a lot less) or that I could still cancel my order.

I cancelled my order. I wasn't informed about any stocking problems; I had to contact them to find out the order status; and when they did get in contact with me, they didn't really listen, offered me a poor incentive and delayed the refund process even more. I've just been told it could now take up to 10 working days to refund me. Which is nice, because they take the money off the card quick enough.

Interestingly, I couldn't leave feedback on the Shopper Approved site of their choice unless the order had been fulfilled. So despite the terrible service, wasted time, weeks of waiting, the Shopper Approved site only lets you give feedback if the order has been completed!

You should be able to leave feedback if the company has messed up and forced you to cancel the order. Otherwise you're leaving out a whole section of the customer base that may have had problems, and there's going to be a distinct bias in the reviews.

Despite a previously good experience with ValueBasket, I won't be going back. It's fairly clear that the stock levels they have on their website are fictional at best - they don't reflect realtime stock levels, and so they're useless. ValueBasket won't communicate with you, either - they'll let you hang out waiting for an order that isn't going to arrive. If you don't complain to them, then I assume that they'll let you wait for even longer and then send the item normal delivery. You could be waiting weeks while they mess around.

Me, I've basically had my time wasted. Several hundred dollars has gone on a jaunt to ValueBasket's bank account, only to come back to me several weeks later and with no new phone. I could have paid $10 more and got it in NZ within 5 days. Which is what I'll be doing now!

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25 July 2013

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Hi Chris,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. We are experiencing some backlog which is perhaps evident given the reviews to date. I would however like to assure you that stringent measures are being put in place to avoid such occurrences. Whilst taking nothing away from your experience this time, I should add that the percentage of affected orders is minimal when compared to the overall sales. Rest assured we are looking to strengthen our resources to cope with the significant demand in our services.

I would hope you consider us in the future given your past experience with us. I am optimistic that the reviews here and other popular review sites will reflect a more balanced account of our services in time.

Best regards,

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