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Very disappointed - please don't suffer like I did. It's a SCAM!

I ordered two phones for my parents from Value Basket as I was impressed by the fact that there is no delivery charge and it will be delivered in 10 business days.
I ordered on 2nd July and it still hasn't even been dispatched. When I went on their live chat, I was told that it will be delivered in the 7 business days but after 5 business days, it has not been dispatched and don't think it will be delivered in the next two business days. I would have cancelled the order but my mum is nice enough to give them just a few more days. (After reading other reviews, she agreed with me to cancel the order).

Even though the price seems really good, I think I will avoid ordering from this site as it kills all the fun of online shopping with the waiting game. I'd rather pay more than
complain about the wait on live chat.

I cancelled the order on the 31st of July but still have not received my refund of $321.78 today, the 27th August. I complaint a number of times but they told me that the refund was processed on the 18th of August, but with no money deposited back to my account.

2 July 2013 - ordered
31 July 2013 - cancelled
27 August - still no refund when they said it's already been processed!

They advertise that products will be delivered within 7-10 business days
and the refund within 7 business days but this cannot be further from their usual practice, which is nothing happening at any time!

My family and I have lost faith in online shopping altogether because of valuebasket. I need to be compensated for the loss of time complaining, stress and emotional distress. I have lodged a complaint against with a consumer agency in Australia and also with my bank so that I can get my money back. It was meant to be gifts for my parents but it only caused stress and extra paper work for us.

Please do not suffer like I did. Buy elsewhere.

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