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Misleading, fraudulent, paypal applied for a credit card on my behalf and I never received physical card.

Today 7/25/13 I received a copy of my credit report. It turns out my Beacon scored decreased because of a closed revolving credit card from DECRB/SMRTCN, closed on 2/2013. I had no idea what that was nor I had applied to it, so I googled it. Results came up as "Paypal". I contact Paypal and talked to 3 people. Customer service reps have no clue what a credit report is. They said that the "e-mail report" I am reading is incorrect and that my Paypal account is temporarily closed due to inactivity and that I need to go online to re-activate my account. The last manager finally was able to tell me that when I apply to a paypal account, they apply for a revolving credit card on my behalf. I told them I never received a credit card from Paypal. They told me that it is an online credit card through GE Financial and transfered me to that company. I talked to 2 people over at Paypal GE Financial who told me that because I had 24 months of inactivity, my credit card was closed by them in 2/2013 which decreased my Beacon score. I asked them when did I apply online or sign an application for a credit card through them. I demanded to see such documents. They responded that such documents are not available but they can send me a copy of the terms and condition, which were modified this year. I asked them that since I am supposedly a credit card member, I should have received a copy of those terms and conditions and I didn't. The manager again apologized and said there is nothing she can do the account was closed and I can re-apply again, but GE money-Paypal Smart Connect cannot contact the credit agencies to let them know that I was not informed that my account would be closed. I told her that there is no accountability on their end, that I would have made a transaction should I had known that I had a credit card with them (which I didn't know because I did not apply for one) that was about to be closed because I did not make any purpose. Again, I didn't know I had a "credit card" through them, therefore I didn't make any purchase using such ONLINE credit card. I told her that I am a credit analyst at a bank and that I would report GE Money-Paypal Smart Connect to the BBB because they falsely issued an online credit card without my consent and without an application from me, and furthermore, they closed such credit card again without my consent or without previous notification, without receiving any terms and conditions, and now my credit has been adversely affected by their negligence and unethical practices. Then she (Kelly, she would not disclose her last name) hung up. I am shocked that both GE and Paypal would do such thing.

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