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Going Brilliantly So far

I decided to ditch Sky (who took over Bethere last year). We had been so satisfied with Bethere for years and then Sky suddenly, and without any previous notice, sends us a letter to list our new charges, which were £10 more than we had been paying. Never checked what, if any services we wanted but just informed us our account would be debited by such an amount early April 2014. Then you could only cancel by phone so I quickly scanned for a new provider and Plusnet came in from standpoint of accessability (chats via online website) and line remains with BT which we wanted.

So signed up online and got a few questions answered re upgrade to fibre if we wanted it later. No problem. So I waited and in due course an new Router arrived (they wouldn't work with our existing Thomson router!).

So just received a text to say Im connected and I duly put the router together, waited 10 minutes and bingo ... all is well. Pleased really.

I had oddly enough been on the phone to Plusnet as it was being activated because I had no internet service since 9am and was frantically trying every computer in the house because Safari couldn't connect yet Bethere box was winking away showing full availability.
So the one complaint i have for Plusnet or indeed possibly any other provider is to let the client know that there may be lack of connectivity with existing provider on the day of changeover. The mobile companies tell you this but Plusnet should have saved me 3 hours of stress and time wasting trying to sort the problem out thinking it may have been a problem with my imac of iphone or indeed hubby's pc.

However so far so good. Up and running with good connectivity. Live in North London/Herts borders for anybody wondering about connectivity.


Easy ordering and swift delivery

Perhaps not the cheapest but the guarantee of next day delivery is a winner. Would like them to extend their amino acid powders.

The Wright Buy Ltd

If this company keep up the good work they will be tops

I was looking for an integrated washing machine in a hurry! The co-operative, who I rang 2 minutes after midday on Monday, couldn't push the order through (the system won't let me!!!). I had missed Wednesday's delivery.

Googled about and found The Wright Buy. Yes, I had missed Wednesday's deadline but they could and would guarantee to get it to be before Friday.

A phone call later and I trusted him at his word and paid (£4 less than the Co-Op, although I would have beneffited from a £25 discount having a co-op card).

Next day I got a text and email saying my machine would be delivered on Wednesday. On Wed am got a text giving me the hour slot so I didn't need to be in all morning.

The driver rang at the due time to say when he would be coming and soon rolled up and put the machine in the kitchen. My hubby managed to connect it up and I had a wash that night on the go within hours.

So thank you very much. Wish all businesses had your ethic. Please don't get complacent.

Helena, Herts


Unbelievably bad - avoid at all costs

I placed an order for A5 leaflets and paid around 20th August. Like others didn't realise it was a German company. By 28th nothing received and I began to email. No reply, I phoned. Gave the order number (money had been debited from my account on 23rd August). The lady promised to ring me back.


Next day I ring again and speak to Joana (at least she was sympathetic). Said the order had been send out on 30th (now I realise it was coming from Germany). Tracking number? She chased it up and basically it couldn't be located. So today, after much heated discussion (on my part); the order is being placed again, printed quickly as should be with me in 5 days time!!!

At least she tried to sort it and apologised but no explanation as to what may have gone wrong. Had I not telephoned it would all have gone though a black hole, never to be heard of again.

It beggars belief.

Please, for sanity's sake; don't even consider using them. And I haven't even seen the quality yet. I am not even confident that they have my artwork ... God, perhaps I had better ring again?


Friendliest Staff Ever Met

I shop at East Barnet and they genuinely are the nicest staff I have ever dealt with. Friendly, relaxed ... it's like visiting friends. Occasionally buy their cookware offers and good deals on sausages etc occasionally so I tend to stock up. Shame they have withdrawn the cheap and unsalted Tortilla chips .... get you used to them and then replace with a more expensive model which is exactly the same but different packaging. Also, getting myself into trouble here, but as an LA fitness user we are able to park for an hour while we take a class and most members say that they really appreciate that facility and shop at Sainsbury's because of this. Keep up the good neighbourhood policy Sainsburys; it pays off in unexpected ways.


Go there when I have a large shop to do

I know the store layout well so go there when I have a big shop, ie over £50. Generally I then get 5p per litre off their petrol which is worth about £3 when I fill my tank (over £80).

Also exchanged vouchers for 3 time value and got to see London Eye for free with partner + 2 meals each at Pizza Express. Also bought a lawnmower worth £90 for free just on vouchers. Good value if you are prepared to chase the points.

Just Vitamins

Pleased with first order

Placed order over £100 but got some nice 'exctras' for free which is very welcome - not near expiry date either, so thank you.

Presentation and delivery very good. Clear invoicing which is a bonus. I notice soya lecithin in the coQ10 so may not be buying that again due to presence of soya which there is no guarantee that it isn't GM'd.

And may I suggest that comparing with H&B does JustVitamins no favours - I would never buy from them. Research.


Excellent service & Product

I ordered my 8 x 6 shed which was far cheaper than anything similar on the internet and also better quality. It arrived within stipulated time-frame but unfortunately when the builder came to erect it we had not allowed sufficient space for walk by so I asked about return. Now this is where Shedstores excelled, They agreed a return; no mention of costs and it was picked up some weeks later. Then 3 weeks later I had my refund to account. This is what I call good customer service. The accounts and sales people were courteous and my subsequent purchase will arrive next week (a smaller shed). I am so impressed with this company.

19 March 2012

Reply from www.shedstore.co.uk

Thank you for your review. While we don't like it when customers cancel their orders, we understand it is unavoidable sometimes and try to help resolve the situation as soon as possible. We appreciate our manufacturers assistance with this one and their lack of collection charge. I hope the smaller shed was to your liking.

Indigo Herbs

Pleasant to deal with and a good product

Ordered after 12 o clock yesterday and goods arrived today. Nicely packaged; haven't tried product yet but pleased with turnaround and approachability.

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