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Delay, after delay, after delay..

I figured that this may be the best way to contact Infurn, as I sent an e-mail on Wednesday, haven't received anything back (response nor confirmation), while the callback request is only available from August 7 (?!), which is too far out for me.

I ordered a couple of Eames 124 chairs on March 4, and got notified that the chairs would be delivered in the week of July 8. However, the delivery got postponed with a maximum of 8 weeks (this would imply early September). Unfortunate, but kind of expected.

However, when I log into my account now again, the delivery has been postponed again with 6 weeks, and delivery is now estimated in the week of October 21st. This means that the delivery will take more than half a year!

Really not happy with this second delay, and delivery in October is not an option for me, as this is twice as long as originally planned. Therefore I either want to make sure that my chairs arrive in early September, or I want my money back. Obviously prefer option 1, but I am afraid things will go in the direction of option 2..

Again, a callback to discuss this at August 7 is simply enough too far out, hence this review

UPDATE: I was called back 20 minutes after writing this review, which positively surprised me. We are currently looking for a solution.

UPDATE #2: Infurn offered to change my existing order, for something that was currently in stock. However, as there was nothing in stock I really liked, we agreed that 10% of the purchase price would be refunded immediately, and that if the goods would not arrive in Oktober, I would get a full refund. So far so good -the 10% has been refunded on my creditcard this morning. So despite the huge delays, the support team seems quite good.

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26 July 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Dear Mr Bunck,

Further to our telephone conversation just now with regard to your order enquiry,

I am sorry that you have to wait for the call back but there is a limited amount possible each day. With regard to your email, we do aim to respond within 48 hours and the Customer service Team would have likely responded by today to your Wednesday email, but admittedly the holiday season can sometimes result in a slightly longer than usual response time.

However, having checked your order details, the goods have been held up due to quality control.

We have apologized for the delay and offered compensation for the wait.

Other In stock alternatives may be suitable for your requirements with a faster delivery time, and we have forwarded the In stock link for you to view and consider.

I have sent you the Forums site details and you are welcome to make contact via this route for other enquiries or until your goods arrive.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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