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Brilliant Offers

A fantastic variety of offers for things to do experience wise. Great value for money too :-)


Superb Offers!

The offers are incredible value and lets one lead a fabulous lifestyle at a fraction of the cost!

Saved a fortune last Christmas by buying the offers to give as Christmas presents.

I highly reccomend them!


Brilliant Products

I love the bird seed mixes that combine Advit-a vitamin supplement that it is already added to some of their bird seed mixes.

Their Premium Songbird Mix is THE best product I have found anywhere both on and off line.

The variety of nuts for wildlife is superb with some having the option of being in the shell or not.

Order received very quickly and well packed.

Prices are reasonable too!


A Great Pet Store

I like the variety of products on offer and fast service. Never had any problems.


Great Value For Money

I have never had problems with orders from this store. They have a great selection products-quality products that one wouldn't find elsewhere. The products are very reasonably priced and they have ongoing additional offers sent by email.


Great Variety & Service

Never had any problems with any orders. Great service. Fantastic range of products!


Great service

A good service and great variety of quality products!


A great service.....

A great value for money network!

Pet Supermarket



I made a substantial order to restock all my cat food for a few months. A Bozita cat food box weighs 370gms & there are 16 boxes in a case. I ordered 3 of these cases along with 3 of each of Whiskas Anti-Hairball, Whiskas Temptations & Whiskas Katzinis.

The containers for the Whiskas items are very thin & weak & therefore should NOT be packed with an item weighing 5.9kg (weight of a Bozita cat food case), as anybody with common sense would know that the Whiskas containers would break & damage the contents. Well someone who had NO COMMON SENSE did just this! They packed 9 Whiskas containers with a case of Bozita cat food. This resulted in the Whiskas containers being smashed into tiny shards & the contents to granules, not to mention the amount of cleaning up I was left to do!

I therefore contacted Pet Supermarket by email in the 2nd week of January. I received a couple of emails to find out if I still had the remains of the damaged goods & with every email I received I responded. However, I have had no reponse whatsoever since 03/02/11 despite replying 3 times! It has now been over 1 month since I had a response. Worse still 6 weeks later (today's date is 05/03/11) the issue has NOT BEEN RESOLVED & I HAVE RECEIVED NO REFUND OR COMPENSATION!!!!

I will not be using this company EVER AGAIN! Their packing service it sub-standard & customer service shambolic! I suggest that others do not use Pet Suupermarket as you WILL lose money and get ripped off!

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