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I couldn't give them NO STARS !

Talktalk took over my previous supplier (tiscali), and proceeded to totally change my existing package without any meaningful communication. I got the usual blurb when they took over that "Talktalk will greatly enhance your existing service"....What they actually meant was "We are going to jack up all the prices that you were on previously"....When I pointed out that I had never committed to a contract with them, (my contract was with Tiscali) they immediately said they would credit me monthly with a sum to bring my monthly direct debit back to where it had been originally. After getting 2 debits for more than double this, I contacted them to get my credits. They denied all knowledge of this supposed credit !...That is, until I gave them notice to quit,when they suddenly managed to find the previously denied credits. The words "LYING"..."DUPICITOUS"...and others would fit this company perfectly.
Do not deal with these people no matter what they promise you ! ! !


Network coverage

I got my last phone from O2 on an 18 month deal. The price was competetive, but most of all, I never ever lost network coverage, which was a change from Orange !


Very good value for money.

I booked my last holiday off the Thomas Cook website,as a last-minute deal,and went to Greek Island. Absolutely no complaints. For what we paid,we got accomodation and service I would normally expect from a much more expensive holiday. I think they are certainly worth 4 stars.


Not convinced !

I tried to use Parkers guide, but was virtually laughed at when I tried to quote it when I was looking for a car. When I mentioned it to a friend of mine who works in publishing, he said "Do you believe everything you read in OK magazine ?....if you do, then Parkers guide is for you ! "


All used car dealers should be like this !

I actually bought a second hand car off the website and after also talking to Ben, the salesman. He told me everything about the car, about it's history,and it's general condition. I bought the car, and was told that if the car wasn't as described to me when I went to collect it, they would give me my deposit back and also money for travel inconvenience ! Needless to say, the car exceeded my expectations, (and has continued to do so). I also was pleasantly surprised that I got a 12 month lab/parts warranty with it.

Mazuma Mobile

Did exactly what it said on the tin !

Quoted me...happy with quote (more than I expected).....Sent easy is that ?

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Semi retired professional , I suppose I'm a bit old-school when it comes to good manners, courtesy and professional service. I'll create hell when (and if ) I need to, but will always give praise and credit where it due.