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LOVE IT! So simple to use and personalise your own cards. Have never had any problems with designing, ordering and receiving the product.

Before finding moonpig I was spending fortunes on decent cards in clintons or birthdays! Moonpig's cards are not only cheaper but of high quality and easy to personalise!

Recommend moonpig to everyone!


Excellent Service

Have ordered dvds a few times on The items were dispatched quickly and arrived when quoted in good condition. I have never had a problem with any of my orders or items I have received.

It is worth shopping around though because some of their prices, particularly box sets, can be quite steep compared to other retailers offering the same box set!


Good quality products, not so good on delivery or on highlighting 'added extras' to your bill

I shop in store regularly and placed a large order during the last sale. Although overall I am somewhat happy with the service, I have two issues with next.

The first is delivery! As I ordered during the busy part of sale, store delivery was not available. It's understandable that some things are not in stock so are dispatched at different dates but as I placed a large order I literally had a delivery virtually every day for two weeks (10 days out of the 14)! The notice next send you by email is useless!! I got most of my emails around midnight and the delivery driver arrived at 9am in the morning! Luckily there is usually someone to answer the door in the morning at home!

My second issue is with the layout of the website, the older versions were much easier to use. If you're not careful and don't read the terms and conditions thoroughly , they'll add roughly £4 onto your bill for a directory (a paper of version of what your viewing online). A mistake I nearly made!

When the products arrived, they were virtually all of good quality and any that I was not happy with I was able to return in store easily. One thing I appreciate was that I was not billed for an item until I had received it unlike some sites which charge for everything regardless of when you will receive it!


Very Impressive!

I ordered a load of stuff (mainly toiletries and a few cosmetics) online and arranged for the free delivery to my local branch. Everything arrived early, none of the products were damaged in transit and I had no no problem trying to collect it!

Will definitely use again!

Dolphin Music

Terrible quality of products, terrible customer service

On the 21st Janurary 2011 I ordered a Jim Dunlop CRYBABY 535Q MULTI WAH (CHROME) from dolphin music. The pedal was in stock and I received it on the 25th January and was ABSOLUTELY APPALLED with the condition of the pedal. The mode button was extremely loose and the spring within it was rattling A LOT. The volume boost button was completely broken and non-functioning and the internal grease was all over the outside the pedal! I called customer services and spoke to ‘John’ who arranged a replacement and refunded the delivery charge. I then had a call back telling me that although they thought they could get it in a few days, it would now be the middle of February before I would get it. As I was assured it was just a one-off manufacturing problem with the pedal, I agreed to wait for another pedal.

I then got an email telling me again it was delayed! I finally received the pedal on the 3rd March to open it and find that the pedal is faulty again! Although spring controlled, you should not be able to hear the springs snapping on the inside as loud as you can. Once again, the grease lubricant is more external than internal and the pedal itself squeaks so loudly and the volume boost button has a deep scratch long it! I have taken this pedal to Professional Music Technology in Birmingham and compared the quality of the pedal I received from Dolphin to one this store received direct from Dunlop and the difference is astounding! The one received from Dolphin clearly looks like a re-conditioned one!

After work on the 4th March I tried to call Dolphin music to complain again and to get a refund this time but was not able to get through and the one time I did get through I got cut off! This sort of customer service is just inexcusable! I will try again on Monday but I will definitely be contacting consumer watchdog / trading standards!


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