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Not cheap, but well worth it

Everyone who dealt with me was friendly and gave me a feeling of confidence. The examinations were thorough and repeated several times by different people on subsequent visits. The results were consistent and explained to me, as was the prognosis.

On the day, I did feel a little as though I was on a conveyor belt as there would be half a dozen of you sitting around waiting to be called in for your preparation. But in a funny sort of way this actually made me feel more comfortable and eased my feelings of apprehension because it was apparent that, what to me was a one off, somewhat scary experience, to them was just routine and so no big deal.

That said, and though the operation on my first eye was a walk in the park, the second was not so much fun. This was because there was no anaesthetist available for the second visit. The surgeon assured everyone that this would not be an issue as he could administer the anaesthetic, but not the sedative. This was not such a walk in the park as watching the syringe approaching your eye knowing that the needle was about to enter your eyeball was pretty horrific. Every muscle in my body was tense and my blood pressure must have rocketed. Speaking with several of the others afterwards, it was generally agreed that had that been the first eye we may not have come back for the second.

However, from a results point of view it has made no difference and I am happy with the outcome, although I believe I will need a bit of a tweek with laser treatment to optimise the benefits.

It has to be said that you do need to be patient to allow your eyes time to adjust to their new found strength. The poor brain is working overtime to get to grips with the new lenses and this can be uncomfortable in the form of watering and tired eyes and even some eye strain if you don't rest them when you feel the need. It took a full three months for me to feel generally comfortable but I suppose that is quite person specific and also down to your age to some extent.

All in all I have not regretted my decision to proceed with IOL replacement surgery for a single moment and all things being equal, look forward to at least twenty five years of not having to wear glasses. This also actually justifies the cost, given the number of pairs of glasses I would have needed between now and then.

01 August 2013

Reply from Optical Express

Hi John,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’m glad that you were happy with the outcome of your surgery. I’m sorry to hear that your second procedure was not the same as your first experience. Please be assured that I will investigate this further and pass your feedback on to the appropriate teams. If you have any concerns or issues that you would like to discuss further, I would be happy for you to email me directly at and I will assist in whatever way I can.


Stephen Hannan
Clinical Services Director

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