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I ordered 6 chairs last Sunday costing £379.89 but they only confirmed the delivery date on the confirmation of payment page. It came as the 18th Feb 2014! I needed the chairs a lot sooner so I cancelled the order by email immediately and ordered another set through someone else. I have had no response as to getting my money back and no confirmation from anyone that my money will be returned. I have sent 8 emails. I cannot get a phone back for more than 3 weeks. I am getting more and more convinced this is a scam. Infurn, if you are reading this give me my money back now!! I will chase the money you owe through any legal means and make life very hard for you!

In return to the below reply I got an automated reply saying I would get a response in 24 hours. I got a response 4 days later and only after I posted the above review. I kept on interrupting because repeating them same point about the incompetent way you operate has NOTHING to do with me. I do not care whether your system says 20 weeks dispatch and you dispatched it conveniently today even though I have sent 8 emails cancelling it, the first 10 mins after I had bought them 4 days ago! It does not concern me that YOUR system is faulty. All I want is my money back as I am legally entitled. I do not see how you cannot stop the dispatch. That is ridiculous that you are not in contact with the delivery drivers and frankly it is all too convenient. I think the contempt you show in your response says it all. I expect the money to be in my account by 30 days or I will take legal action. I will obviously reject the chairs if they are delivered. I really do not understand why you replied like that because it just made the situation worse. I look forward to the updates of when MY money will arrive in my account.

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04 October 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Dear Mr. Hume,

Thank you for your comment, I would like to apologise for the slight delay in response to your emails and would like state we are not a scam company.

I understand that you may have had your concerns however you did send emails shortly after placing your order and three within hours of one another. Although we aim to contact our customer within 24hours the emails can become backlogged especially if emails are sent multiple times in short time frame. In regards to the call-back the system it is based on appointment time slots, in which they can become quickly filled due to many request for a variety of information. That being stated you were contacted twice today regarding the order once from a customer service agent and another from myself.

As it appears although there was an initial date for delivery in mid-February this was to the full extension of the standard 10 to 18 week delivery time specified in the terms and conditions. In some cases items can be delivered much earlier, especially if the item can be allocated from the stock. I informed you that it appears on the system the chairs have been sent in which we are typically unable to cancel. I acknowledge that although you were told the cancellation would be done and refund will be processed with 30 working days, the items will need to be back in our possession before the refund can be issued. I further mentioned we are trying to stop the delivery otherwise you will have to refuse the items upon delivery. I apologise for the miscommunication and as stated during the telephone conversation I will keep you updated on the matter.

In response you stated that you would not update the review until you have received your refund. In addition as I was trying to explain the situation and a resolution you continued to interrupt. After further clarification as you made your point clear as to not updating your review and I stated we will be in continuous contact regarding the matter to ensure you are aware of any updates.
I truly apologise for any confusion and look forward to having the situation resolved.

Kind regards,
Laurie-Ann B.
Customer Relations Advisor

Update on the 04/10/13

Dear Mr. Hume,

Thank you for your response, I would like to clarify that we do not contest the cancellation of your order.

Furthermore I apologise for the confusion regarding the situation and look forward to having the matter resolved. That being stated I was just relaying what the possible options are to occur in the process of resolving the problem. Therefore in case the delivery cannot be stopped, you will have to refuse the items upon arrival. In regards to your statement on the contact with the delivery company direct, it is stated in our website that the delivery is provided by an external company and as result the information may not be forwarded in time. In the meantime we acknowledge your frustration and are willing to refund you within the specified time frame discussed during the telephone conversation.

Once again please accept our sincerest apology for the situation and as stated earlier we will keep you updated on the matter.

Kind regards,
Customer Relations Advisor

Country Attire Ltd. (

very good prodict, excellent service

My first time but would definately use again. Excellent product description, fantastic wax jacket and very quick delivery.

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