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excellent customer service all round

from going in the store to look for a dining room table and chairs, must say the staff at the milton keynes branch were so helpful and the assistant manager helped us and knew everything about the item we had chosen.
However, we decided to order online in the end as it was easier and just an hour or so after ordering, i received a call to confirm the order, check everything was ok and that the delivery date was going to be ok, then a few days later i got another call to confirm the delivery times
On the day of the delivery, the delivery drivers actually called me to ask if they could come 10 mins earlier than expected, so so helpful and very friendly and told me about after care too.
This company is fantastic. can't fault their service, speed of delivery and friendliness. Having had an awful experience with furniture village recently, i wish i'd gone to this company instead.

Furniture Village

simply awful - late delivery, misselling insurances, still waiting refund

I have already left a comment on this thread about how furniture village treated myself and my OH as customers and then i had a representative from furniture village call me to discuss this. Afterwards, i questioned whether i was quick to judge and even thought about retracting my statement or at least changing it accordingly. However, during the last week, some circumstances have made me change my mind and reminded me why i detest furniture village in the first place.
So not only did they lie to us repeatedly about delivery times, were late on delivery and just plain rude (the only good thing about the company were the delivery men who were amazing and polite) - we have had something happen during the last week that just makes them worthy of appearing on Rogue traders or watchdog!
When we purchased our sofa, we were told to take out the cover and for only £150 odd, we could call out the company who would repair any damage or replace the sofa (guardsman i think the company is called). At the time, we thought it was too good to be true and kept questioning the salesman (after all how would Guardsman make money on this especially as we have a child and a bulldog?!) the salesman at furniture village assured us that Guardsman want us to call them so everytime there's a mark its' best to call them no questions asked and they will come out and replace or repair the sofa. Still dubious we brought it as we thought for £150 it's best to be covered. Whilst watching a show on bbc1 the other week, there was an article about Harveys and how they mis-sell so this raised questions again. We found our paperwork and low and behold, turns out we are only covered for the basics, certain things the salesman said were covered aren't actually covered, and your cover (depending on whihc one you brought) covers you to the value of the sofa and each time you call them out, it limits future times you can call them out so for example: you buy a sofa for £500. You can only call them out until the value of the sofa is reached. as the paperwork doesn't say what it costs to call them out, you have no idea how many times you can call them. So lets say the value of the work is £300 that means you have used nearly all the times you can call them so out of the £150 you pay for the 'cover' you won't be able to call them out in future. Not only that but it seems that Guardsman are pretty tight on what they will repair/fix and will try and find ways of worming out of it and making it null and void.
We weren't explained about this or the different levels of cover and certainly wouldn't have taken it had we been made aware. We then rang the MILTON KEYNES store a week ago and explained how it was sold (seems like it happens alot as they immediately said they would refund us) however a week later NO REFUND. I would not touch this company with a bargepole - they give used car sales men a good name tbh and i think most of the staff are useless and need re-training especially when it comes to the cover they sell. Now i'm expecting another call from this lady at furniture village and TBH i know she's just ticking a box and nothing will truly get done about it or it wouldn't happen in the first place!

29 July 2013

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I'm not sure what was said to you when purchasing this policy, but it is certainly something we will look into with the Manager of the store.
Looking at your order I can see the refund has been processed, and a receipt should be in the post to you shortly.
Our Manager will be in touch with you shortly.

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