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Stay away... - Why don't Infurn change their refund policy if so many customers are obviously unhappy with it? What do they really do with their customers' money for such a long time?

We ordered a dining table and some chairs through infurn on 12th June and rushed into it feeling that we needed to order before midnight to be in for the 30% off offer that was supposed to run out by then. Little did we know that infurn continuously have these big discounts on offer - meanwhile they have even increased it to 33% off. So rather than rushing into it we should have better read all the poor reviews on TrustPilot and other sites... - Once our delivery date was confirmed for mid-October we realised what a mistake it would be to be waiting for a dining table in our new flat for several months and probably even longer in light of infurn's delivery timeliness track record according to plenty of other reviews on this site. Therefore we cancelled our order around 12 hours later, right away the next day. However only when also requesting a call-back the next day I received a proper confirmation of the order being cancelled along with a written confirmation that my money would be refunded after 30 working days with the starting date being the date of the call and the refund date being outlined as the week of 22 July. This week has obviously passed now and my money has still not been refunded. I followed up twice by now by e-mail and only got a response the first time, stating that the query has been logged with the finance department and that they will be in contact with an update - that was now 1 week ago. Nothing ever since despite me having sent another chaser.
I would advise everyone to stay away from this company - their true business model appears to be working with their customers' money over an extended period of time rather than producing furniture and delivering it on time...! I remember that they had 'Over 300 000 happy customers' on their website - now the 'happy' has disappeared... Definitely no surprise there!!

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30 July 2013

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Hello Cristina,

Thank you for you comments but we cannot agree with your point of view.

You ordered 12th June, and decided to cancel within the first week of ordering.

The fact that we give such a big discount means we offer Customers the opportunity to purchase top quality replicas at a bargain price. The goods may take longer than you would like but our delivery times are advertised and therefore it is the Customer's choice to wait a little longer, and many do agree the wait is worthwhile. In this respect, we are no different from other stores, on-line or not offering discounts.

Upon receipt of payment, we place the order with suppliers who also ask for payment up-front to produce the goods, in addition there are a whole host of costs associated with a business which supplies from the Far East for re-distribution in Spain to countries all over Europe and also to the US. Have you ever wondered what effect this has when goods are half way produced and the Customer wants to cancel? Goods may go to stock but even then warehousing costs are involved. 30 working days are in our Terms and conditions and we have the right to ask for this for cancellations.

We are a bone fide company which produces top quality designer pieces with skilled craftsmanship at a fraction of the real value and although there have been delays, you are wrong to say we do not deliver, as thousands of Customers can say otherwise.

In your case, your goods were not late at all, but you decided not to retain the order and requested an early cancellation. This is presently 2 working days overdue for which we apologize but action is being taken and you will be fully reimbursed.

Kind Regards
Valerie - Customer Services Adviser.

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