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Bennets aka 'Thieving bastards'

Bought a Thompson video camera costing £1000 from the store in Norwich, very good salesman went through how it works and was not pushy at all. The camera was not great, would not work at all in the evening??? Fine during natural light, but useless at night under tungsten.

I bared with it and then it developed a fault. I returned it to the store and they were accomodating. They would let me know when it was repaired. Then I had a strange letter sent to me basically stating that it had been tampered with and that they were not going to repair it. The warranty was null and void. I argued the case and even sent ample evidence of the fault to them after meticulous research to prove the tamper theory was otherwise. (I am an electronics engineer, the fault they described -tampering in their words is actually quite common on camcorders!)

I got absolutely no where. And what was worst I never got the faulty camera back. I was minus a camera albeit faulty and they 'stolen' £1000 off me!!! I kid you not. It makes you wonder if they have pulled this stunt on other customers before??? When something goes faulty accuse the customer of tampering with it to get out of the warranty repair.
Bennets is a DISGRACE. I should have just literally THROWN the money down the nearest drain-or better give it to a local charity!


Over priced and poor customer "service"

This review is for a while back. I bought several town bikes in Halfords Norwich and everything that could go wrong with them did go wrong with them. All of them almost disintegrated after jus a few weeks. The last one I bought was in 2007 and it lasted barely a month. A brake fell off, the back wheel buckled beyond comprehension, the pedal came off and I was sacked from a job because I relied heavily on a bike to get to work.

This was too much. I actually bought a third hand bike for £15 and I still have it today at the time of writing. (Talking of which I had to buy a load of new spare parts for it this year. Getting them from Ebay saved me 50% on Halfords prices!)

I did write to complain. All I got was the offer of a SMALL refund (hardly worth it when I had shelled hundreds of pounds on bikes that quite simply are NOT roadworthy!). When I went to the store to collect my meagre refund and return the bike which was wrecked, no kidding it was unusable, the guy made out that it was their first complaint!

I will not shop there again unless it is ONLINE only and their price is cheaper than anywhere else!
If I want a new bike I will not get it from there, that's for sure...


Not bad considering the poor reviews ...

I ordered a halogen oven from Andrew James via Amazon and they used Yodel. I was a bit worried about delivery after reading the poor reviews about this company. But I kept an eye on the tracking and the delivery came through no problem.

Unfortunately the oven had to go back as it was damaged and a replacement was sent out. Once again Yodel came good. I also ordered something earlier this year and Yodel were fine. Guessing I have been lucky? I have to admit that I would be reluctant to use them myself with all these poor reviews.

My delivery was despatched TODAY and I have received it TODAY!!! (sic)
Maybe they are improving?


Good service from Fatbirds

Just ordered some discount rear wheels, speedy delivery, good service. I even found some 5 free energy drinks in the box, a nice touch! Will order again from this seller :-)

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