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Amazing Amazon

I've always used amazon and they are the best online company by far. A good company will solve your problems quickly and smoothly and in over 5yrs I've only had 2 hiccups with orders which were resolved swiftly and easily. If you want a piece of mind then buy from amazon even if the item is £2 more expensive than i've seen it elsewhere i'd still rather choose amazon. Very recommended.


Con Artist Stay Away

After renewing my contract and downgrading from infinity to basic broadband I feel BT deliberately tried to con me out of £99 for an engineer call out. I was warned by a phone call from BT that my broadband might go off on the 7th August and if it does I was to disconnect my infinity box and just use the hub itself and old filters. Sounded simple but no it did not work so I phoned BT and after waiting 30 minutes to get through the advisor told me a few tips to which neither worked, cut a long story short I was told to use the old filter style set up but it never worked although the phone itself worked. Was told BT would call me the next day but they never did so I called them and it took 65 minutes to get through (appalling service). Similar outcome really that I was to try a different filter but I already have 2 of them and neither worked and I said I wanted an engineer out asap. He told me if the fault is not their doing then i'd have to pay £99 call out. Haha had to laugh because they'd pre-warned it would go off beforehand so how the hell could it be my fault when I haven't touched it. After getting off the phone I tried a few different things with the hub and an older hub. In the end I finally got my broadband working because I didn't use any of the filters they told me to use and just plugged the ADL lead directly into the openreach box they'd fitted to the phone socket for the infinity 6 months ago. So there it is, the engineer would have come out and said I connected it up all wrong (on their advise) and that its all my fault and theres a nice £99 bill waiting for me. A good company is someone that deals with your problems quickly and easy, you will not get that with BT because they have the worst call centre in the UK. Your average waiting time on the phone before someone answers is 30 minutes to which you are charged and then you get through to someone in India that can't really help you. My advise is stay away from any contract with BT because if you have a problem then you really have a problem that doesn't get solved and you will spend hours trying to get through. I'm guessing they were trying to get some money back on the infinity box they gave me 6 months ago. Well I would have kept the infinity if they didn't hike the price by £20 a month and after all I didn't notice any difference in speed anyway. This will be my last year with BT and I've been with them all my life, shocking customer service. Bye bye BT hello Sky.

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Great Service

Always use skypark and have done for 5yrs or so and never had any problems so I fully recommend them.

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