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No Customer Service Skills

Each time I have contacted Santander's Customer Service Team by email they have not responded to the question asked. It's as though they just can't be bothered to read the email. I am an articulate, intelligent woman who writes clearly and legibly. It's a huge disappoint to me that my bank, in trust of finances, places such little value on their customers. Paying attention to the question asked and answering it directly is not a difficult thing to do. Try harder! Yesterday I asked why one of my direct debits had no history against it despite having been active for 8 months, and could they confirm it is due to pay out again tomorrow as the information has been blanked out and neither I or the provider have cancelled. They responded 'the last payment taken was 1st July. If you want to change it, contact the provider.' NO! YOU answer the question! Terrible service. Now I will need to wait until the day that it is due to come off and see if it has or not. Bearing in mind this is my council tax and I will be defaulting, which is a criminal offence, if its not paid on time, it's a pretty big deal to me! Lazy staff, lazy readers, can't be bothered. Maybe I can't be bothered banking with them anymore. Maybe it's time to change to a bank who actually wants my business.

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