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What a nightmare trying to cancel my contract!

While I've always been impressed by the customer service in store, and have always been greeted by very friendly and helpful employees, as soon as I wanted to cancel my contract (once it had ended) it was a whole different ballgame. Firstly, not being able to cancel in store is a huge disadvantage; I'm a little hard of hearing and therefore trying to discuss things on the phone with a foreign man is difficult for me. And secondly, the call centre staff were a joke. Friendly, yes, but 'pushy' doesn't even cover it. I literally just wanted to cancel my contract, I was expecting for them to ask me to stay, but I wasn't prepared for 35 minutes of being passed from person to person, all of them not listening at all to my pleas that I was busy and just wanted to cancel! In the end, I was so upset and shaken up I had to hand the phone over to my Mum who spent several more minutes practically shouting at them and it was only when she threatened to hang up did they agree to cancel my policy. When we went into a Three shop to complain they simply shrugged and said it had nothing to do with them.
I understand that they want to keep as many customers as possible, and some of the offers they offered me sounded very reasonable, but I am appalled at the way that, even after saying endlessly that we absolutely definitely just wanted to cancel, I was almost forced into agreeing to all sorts of deals that I didn't understand. I shan't be getting a contract with Three again in the future.

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