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Good prices, usually good quality

I always pop into Primark when I am out shopping and I will usually love everything I see or not see anything that I like at all. It's very 50/50 when I walk into Primark even though I do usually find it very nice and the products of good quality. Though you can probably find better quality elsewhere, at the prices in Primark it is a given.
Though I noticed that the Primark prices are getting higher, especially on the Atmosphere range, which unfortunately, is most of the women's section.
Tops in that section have gone from being £5 to £8, and from £8 to £12. I know that they aren't massive increases, but when you are buying a lot of items, those price increases can end up adding an extra £20 onto your shopping trip.
I do think that the quality of the products in Primark are reliably good, and if you happen to get an anomaly, in which your product shrinks, stretches, rips ect. You haven't wasted that much money- but with increasing prices, I would be more angry if I found that my product isn't to standard.
To summarise, I will definitely go into Primark again, and show people the products I have got from there- but if the prices continue to rise, there may be a chance I could get a better deal elsewhere.


Always a good range, very reliable.

I am a very frequent buyer at New Look stores, and recently online. I have bought things from tops to dresses to boots to jeans and I have always found their products of good quality and good value!
I would definitely recommend this store to anyone and their help and support is outstanding- by far the best I have encountered!
Because the products are so nice, they soon go out of stock and it's sometimes hard to find something in your size, but I guess that's down to first come, first serve.
I will definitely go into a New Look store again and I will probably order off online again.


Impeccable service and range!

Boohoo offers a simple way to find almost anything you're looking for. With effective drop down menus you can easily go in any category and see what you fancy (which is usually a lot because their range is amazing!)
The prices are very reasonable and with free UK delivery over £45 it's hard not to get yourself a few goodies! The quality of their stock is impeccable, I have ordered a dress for a party and it arrived exactly when it was intended and came out of the bag barely creased! Obviously this cannot be said for every item, but it was a lovely surprise to not have to stress about which way to iron something!
Also, being a dancer, I have worn boohoo products in my shows and they have been so comfortable, fit for purpose, sizes are great and accurate, which cannot be said for some other online stores.
Overall, the boohoo service was amazing and I will definitely be ordering from here again!

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