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City Link

Incompetent or possibly worse, deliberately bad and they don't care

Of all courier firms these are just the worst we have experience with. We get a lot of deliveries from several suppliers (for example the drivers of some firms know us so well that they actually wave when they see us as they pass through our village on other deliveries). City Link are the only ones we have problems with - and this is consistently.

Today was the final straw, they were supposed to be delivering a small package which is needed to finish a wedding cake for tomorrow. The item in question cost less than the City Link premium delivery cost to get it to us today.

Knowing that we can't see our front door (we are in a first floor flat - only one of two, but our door is about 10 feet from the outside door) - we had left a note on the door saying do not take package away under any circumstances. Both the outside door and internal door were left standing wide open, but they still managed to avoid making the delivery. The driver had managed to write a response to our note saying that he couldn't leave the parcel without a signature, but he must have been careful to make no noise while doing it given we were waiting for it and listening.

Further benefit is that they also make themselves difficult to speak to - the telephone service (premium rate) is an automated rescheduling line with no human contact options. Managed to speak with complaints department (15 minutes waiting to get through on another premium rate line) who have said they tried to deliver it but couldn't.

We have been in touch with the suppliers already and talked to them about their use of City Link. They are a small company and based on our conversations they will not be using City Link again. Given the other comments in this site I really doubt City Link care, however, if they lose sufficient customers, then maybe they will be forced to think about how they work.

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