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PAT Labels Online

Labels that stick like....

Very good labels, good delivery time. Would buy from this company again.


Received my money !

I sent a Blackberry curve 8520 to this company with an offer of £54.15. I received the freepost bag which I sent with the phone. After 7 days I received an email stating they had not received my phone so I phoned up the mobile network company and had the phone barred through fear that someone had stolen it. I then treceived an email stating they had received my phone but it did not meet there criteria because the phone was blocked. I printed out their report and sure enough the only thing on the sheet that did not pass was the phone was blocked. I then phoned the network company up and had the phone un-barred. I have now received another email stating that the phone has now not met our criteria because of water damage to the battery and a revised offer of £49.00. Why was the water damage not picked up on the first examination. Now I'm accepting the offer as it is still £9.00 more than another company is offering but there is something dishonest about this company. Put it this way if I don't get the money by the end of this week being 10th March 2013 then the phone is getting barred and I'm prepared to lose the phone just to p*"% this company off.


I did receive my money before the 10th March 2013, can't help feeling that maybe it was because of this review. All I can say is, if you intend to use this company and your sending an expensive phone don't use the free post service, send it signed for. And Bozowi improve your customer service, actually call back your customer when you say you will. You must strive to reach 5 stars from every customer in all the 10 years I have been in business I have never had one complaint.

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06 March 2013

Reply from Bozowi

Dear Mark
This is an unfortunate situation due to the barring of the phone let me explain. When we receive handsets the first thing we do is to check if they are barred/black listed, if they are as was the situation with your phone we carry out no further checks. As I am sure you will appreciate there is little point in wasting time checking a phone further if it is barred. The customer is informed and a copy of the barred report is supplied which contains instructions on how to unbar you handset.

You then unbarred the handset and we then proceed to test the phone at which point we found that liquid damage. If the handset was not barred the liquid would have been picked up on the initial inspection.

I hope this answers your question why we did not pick up the liquid on the first examination.

Many companies do not pay out at all for liquid damaged handsets we however offered you a revised price which you say is still £9 more than the competition.
You accepted the price after our payment run yesterday therefore you payment will be sent and will be in your account sometime this Friday.

There is nothing dishonest as the above clearly demonstrates.



I received what I ordered and for a good price, cheapest around. DPD delivery company was a day late, but did receive a confirmation of this by email. All in all a good company and will buy from them again.

Christies Direct

Received in a snip for my clips.

I received exactly what I ordered and in good time. Replaced the clippers with the ordered parts and now working fine. Thank you Christies.


Maplins shaplins !

Very good online store and very quick delivery. Most stuff on there cheapest around.


Anything you want !

Find almost anything on there. Bad points is fees are too dear to sell things


Smooth tranactions

Very easy to use once set up. More companys now are using paypal as a means of receiving payments.

Kybotech Limited

Shed looks nice !

Does the job what I wanted it for. It will be indoors most of the time so should last a lot longer, fading and stuff. Like the fact that it is plastic this will minimise the rust aspect. Could be thicker plastic alround but then it would be alot more than £75.00.

Mazuma Mobile

Fone no longa, I've got wonga !

Have you heard about mazumamobile, they give you money for your old mobile phones. I got £48.00 for phones that were just sitting in my draw, and they paid directly into my bank account.

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