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Exante Diet

Just watch the pounds melt away!

I've used the diet programme to replace 2 out of my 3 meals a day. The 3rd being a meal of about 450 cals. (Couldn't cope without crunching into some veg at some point each day!) I had just over a stone to lose and it's been very easy to do with Exante!
I was a bit concerned as I felt that it is probably better to lose weight by eating normally and calorie count instead than using this kind of diet to 'retrain' my approach to food.. So that the transition back to 'normal' lo life when I've reached my goal would be easier. But I now think that I will be so motivated to keep the weight off that I won't go back to my old bad habits!
I bought the 4 week option which includes mostly shakes and soups and a few pasta packs too. The shakes and soups are tasty, easy to prepare and, most of all, really filling! No hunger pangs between meals! So I'm not thinking about food all the time, which usually happens on a diet. With a cal' controlled diet and the hunger pangs that usually go with it there's actually far more risk of me chucking in the towel long before my target weight has been reached. And I'm not bored with the range of flavours...yet!
Not so keen on the pasta. More work to be done on that particular option I feel. Taste. consistency etc are not great.
Plus it's really reassuring to know that the products are supplemented with all your daily nutritional needs. So no worries about deficiencies.
I've used Exante for 2 weeks now and have lost 6lbs and feeling energised and uplifted. It's great to feel in control again! And most of all motivated to continue towards my goal.
I'm a vegetarian and was pleasantly surprised that the products are ok for me. So far so good!

02 August 2013

Reply from Exante Diet

Hi Wendy,

That is a fantastic weight loss! Its always hard to stick to a diet, it's always easier to pick up a chocolate bar when your hungry, but doing a diet and your not hungry is totally a bonus!

Thank you for the feed back on the Pasta, I will pass it on. We have got some great new products on site, why not check them out.

Keep up the amazing work and please let us know how you get on.



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