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Exante Diet

horrid flavours, no weight loss

Got the exante diet from Wowcher, veggie soup is nice but other than that complete waste of money! The shakes were horrid, the smell of the porridge made me physically wretch. The reviews promise big things but I am left £35 out of pocket, no lighter, and very disappointed.

*** UPDATED ***

Seems the customer serv isn't great either - you are being asked to review exante diet, which is what I've done, apparently if you review the product you get an email like this

Dear Laura Keeley,

Your ticket 168382 - regarding Product Review, has been updated. Please see the latest comment below:


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Which is as a result of Exante asking to us to change our review - when at the top it clearly says PRODUCT REVIEW in the email from TrustPilot!!!!! Funny how all the positive reviews about the DIET not the customer service are left on the system, but the ones negative on the diet are taken down. I couldn't comment on the service before - now I can! Seems that the reason the reviews are good is because the company gets rid of the reviews it doesn't like on the pretext of it not being about 'the service' - that doesn't look very professional and is a pretty calculated way of getting the endorsements on the product. I wasn't happy with the product but hey ho things happen - but this has completely tipped me over the edge and I cannot believe a company would be so shrewd and this treads a fine line on censorship and ethics! Completely changes the caring nature of the company to one that only care about the money they take from you. Thought I would come back and update the review as it seems other people haven't been brave enough - maybe they have but that's been censored out too? Totally appalled at this, really does smack of limiting what people can say about the company, and changes the attitude that I will have in recommending Exante to anyone. I would not ever recommend the company now purely based on their ethics and policies - I personally didn't like the products etc, but that's personal preference, and everyone has to make their own decisions. But now I would make anyone steer clear of Exante. Totally utterly horrified at the way they are going about this.


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it does NOT say that it is a review of the customer service - that email is 100% misleading.


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