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Only myself to blame !

I recently bought a LED TV from them. The sales guy was ok, but having decided on the TV in the store, decided there and then to purchase it. It was near to closing time by then. Having purchased the TV they then tried and I am ashamed to say succeeded in selling me the ultra expensive HDMI cable (3 metres as well) and a wall stand, which hopefully I shall return since my current wall stand will be ok and the pointless product insurance. While my wife was filling out the forms and completing the purchase I wandered over to the where the TV was on display. While I was contemplating what a good purchase I had made, two members of staff walked past me and one said something sarcastic along the lines of 'don't bother going home, we're keeping the store open just for you' . The other one said something about ignoring what his mate had said, 'just what is he like ?'.
I took it in good humour even though there was a slight edge to it, even though I was thinking ' I have just spent £650 with you and got the really awful hard sell with the really expensive HDMI cable, so why don't you go forth and multiply'.
Meanwhile my wife and the sales person were having trouble with the delivery booking system but assured us that the TV would be delivered on the Friday (this was Wednesday evening). I did not take the fitting option and spent the Thursday evening grappling with my wall mounted broken plasma TV and left it ready on the
Lounge floor ready for the delivery people to take away the next day upon delivery of the new TV.
Friday comes and we call the delivery company to see when the TV is to be delivered only to be told by them that there is no delivery scheduled and the in-store staff should have had enough sense to realize why the booking system was not giving us the opportunity to schedule a time on their internet app.
Why do I bother with this bunch, I do not know ? I won't go near Ryanair because they are just too much hassle and I feel that Currys are pretty much in that league,
from the awful customer service, moronic staff (except a few good ones who are
being undermined by the terrible 'screw the customer' attitude of their management). I feel absolutely unclean after dealing with them. It's my own fault
for wanting the TV at the price I wanted to pay (rather like dealing with Ryanair) and
the features the TV had (or rather didn't have,no Smart capability). Don't they realize that any reasonably competent person can plug a PC/Ipad/Raspberry Pi into a telly
and get it to play video from the internet and not pay an extra £300-ish for the privilege ?
To sum up then:-
- one decent member of staff, the guy who sold the TV and spent time with us.
- however, you could tell that he was under orders to flog whatever expensive extras he could and sod the customer. No surprises there, after all, they are a business, but I won't ever shop there again if I can avoid it. It is just too much hassle trying to fight them off !
- one sarcastic guy, who even though he was harmless and just having a bit of a
laugh at my expense, was completely inappropriate ! Wrong thing said at the wrong time | I am the one spending the £600 and I don't deserve that sort of nonsense. As part of the overall experience, shows you and your company hold customers in complete contempt ..just like Ryanair in fact !. Assuming that always having the lowest price will draw in the scumbag customers so you don't have to bother with 'customer service' will hopefully consign you to the rubbish bin of corporate history sooner rather than later where I hope you will meet up with
the people from Comet.
- left hand does not know what right hand is doing regarding delivery. A complete pain in the butt having to chase people and wait in two days running. NOT IMPRESSED !!!

As I say, only myself to blame. I shall use internet or Richersounds (which I would have done so this time had they had the TV I wanted without the SMARTs at an extra £300. So, this just goes to show how much hassle you can buy for £300 !
Yup, just like Ryanair. There must be a killing to be made for the first company
to offer competitive prices and NO HASSLE !!!

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