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I like my legs

Flights are competitive in price and go to all manner of destinations. The drawback in a lack of legroom on the plane. This may not matter to some, and I am not even tall, but if I suffer then many will find the experience very uncomfortable. However, the duration of many flights is not so great that I can't just ignore the throbbing pain in my legs, or the fear of developing DVT from a lack of blood circulation for a few hours. Anything to save a few quid!


3 gets 3 stars

3 offer mobile contracts at very reasonable prices which usually beat competitors. The reason they can offer this is because 3 phones seem to be unable to receive signal most of the time. Perhaps this is limited to the area in which I live and work, but I have found this to be the case elsewhere. With this in mind, if you want a nice phone cheap, go to 3. If you want the same phone but with signal, be prepared to pay more with another network.


Cheap and efficient

Amazon is my go to site when it comes to internet shopping. I purchase a lot of books and few sites have the same range. Amazon sometimes misses the mark, but this is infrequent, and usually the item in question will be available and competitively priced. The packaging of items is excellent, meaning that when dropped through the mail box the item will not likely suffer damage upon impact with the ground (unlike some other sites).

Good value, quick delivery

I have used Myprotein multiple times primarily because it is cheaper than buying branded products from other retailers. I suppose if you opended a trade account and bought in large quantities prices might be comparable, but that would require significant payouts initially and places to store crates of product! Delivery is usually 2-3 days, and products are often boxed and always arrive intact. The unflavoured variation of many products is initially difficult to ingest, although I get used to most products relatively quickly (currently using Pea protein, and brown rice protein in a mix). Recently the larger weight versions of multiple products have become unavailable, and often there is no bulk discount so savings can be limited, although products still usually work out cheaper, and myprotein offers a range of products that is unparalleled. I am switching from dairy based protein products to green proteins or rice based stuff as I have heard a lot of negative press regarding casein and whey. With this in mind myprotein offers a great range of alternatives that you would have to scroll the internet for to obtain otherwise. Perhaps if a flavour option were added to some of the unflavoured products this would be an improvement, although with their flavouring system you can get around this. Hope this longwinded review helps, and I certainly enjoyed it as it gave me a chance to vent some personal likes and dislikes.

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