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Take control with help from reputable DMP providers

Like most who use PayPlan, circumstances led us to situations where we found ourselves disabled by debt with too many creditors and an inability to keep up and satisfy every commitment (your status is irrelevent - I'm your classic middle class white collar exec who's situation unravelled from a divorce). At the end of the day, you borrowed the dosh and you owe the dosh irrespective of irresponsible lending.
PayPlan were recommended to me from the National Debt Helpline. They guided me how best to engage with the creditors in a manner that they had to acknowledge and ultimately we've been able to put an informal arrangement in place which has seen my personal debt position consistently decrease year on year. It's a wonder why we have to hit a financial crisis; personally or nationally for a PayPlan to be available. I'm sure people struggled even in the good times.
This organisation behaves responsibly, doesn't accrue a fee from your debt crisis and once your DMP is up and running you'll be far happier.
Word of warning - DMP's can lull you into a false sense of security. Remember that this is an informal non legally binding agreement. If the creditors choose not to play ball then......with PayPlan its unlikely you'll end up in this position but remain on your toes.
Only gripe - being harrassed by PPI claimant sales people.
Good luck all.

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