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Perfect DPD experience - Showing City Link how it should be done!

7 days ago I experienced appalling service from City Link and was driven to writing a very bad review of the service (or lack of).

Today, I had a delivery via DPD and found that the service couldn't have been better. Hence I am driven to write a review of the excellent experience.

Throughout, I couldn't have felt more confident that my parcel being delivered by DPD was going to arrive on the day and on time - the online tracking service is superb and accurate! It shows the driver by name ("hello Mike"), driver location on a Google map and even which delivery number the driver is currently making. Mine was delivery number 27, so I refreshed the web page throughout the morning and followed Mike’s progress. So it came as no surprise when my parcel arrived between within 1 hour delivery estimate that I had been notified of via text message earlier that morning.

The DPD tracking left me feeling very confident that my parcel was en-route and on time. A real contrast from my experience just a week before with City Link (a parcel that never arrived even though the City Link website said it was on its way even after I had been told the package would not be delivered as the driver had finished for the day).

The accuracy of the DPD tracking also enabled me to plan my day and enable me to go out in the afternoon, even though I only paid for an 8am to 6pm delivery.

My only hope is that the tracking doesn't put too much pressure on the drivers as I can imagine it doesn't leave them much time for breaks, especially in the event of unexpected delays.

Well done Mike. Well Done DPD. All in all, Perfect!


Quality Product & Excellent Customer Service

Had a telephone headset (model PC 8 USB) for use with the internet. I had been very happy with the headset for about 14 months before I started to have issues with one earpiece.

I phoned Sennheiser in the UK and they confirmed the item was covered by a two year warranty and explained how to register the issue on their website. This was easy and within hours I received an email explaining how to return the item to them.

I posted the item and the very next morning received a further email from Sennheiser confirming that the item had been received and that a repaired item or a replacement headset would be sent to me within in 5 working days.

It actually took a little over 5 working days but in fairness that was because they decided to source me a brand new replacement item from Germany.

So after 14 months of use of the original telephone headset (cost me less than £30), I now have a brand new quality Sennheiser headset. If it lasts just 14 months then I will still be extremely happy and will certainly continue to buy Sennheiser products in the future.

I feel I can trust that Sennheiser manufacture quality products and if there is a problem I know I can trust them to put things right. No quibble, no hassle, no stress.

It's rare that I feel I can genuinely rate a company so highly but the praise is fully deserved.

Thanks Sennheiser.
(for verification if required: CSN 14113B2719000)

City Link

City Link Liars

Guaranteed next day delivery due 13th Dec 2013. Phoned at 4:00pm to follow up as estimated delivery time was AM. Waited patiently on the phone ignoring all the messages stating that the website has the latest info (yeah right!) and eventually got through to a call centre operator.

After several calls between myself and the City Link call Centre I was told it would not be delivered as the driver couldn't find the address. This is even though there are only two houses on this street and I was in my office all day overlooking the front of the house where I see all traffic go by (very little as it is very rural). I also see the van go to my only neighbour fairly regularly so unless it was a relief driver I know that the regular driver knows the address. Anyway, the driver was 50 minutes away and had told control he would not return to deliver the item. The call centre also told me that they cannot pass me the telephone number for the City Link depot in Gaerwen, near Bangor as that would be illegal!

After much complaining and insistence that it need to be delivered that evening, I eventually gave up. The options I was given by the City Link control centre were that I could travel the 25+miles to their depot to pick it up by 8pm that evening (which I couldn't by then) or that they would deliver it on Monday. I opted for Monday but I really needed it by 9pm Friday night for an event. If they had told me at midday on Friday that it was not going to be delivered then I could have picked it up.

In the meantime, I complained to Amazon and got a refund of my guaranteed next day delivery charge. I have no complaints about the Amazon side of the operation other than that in the long term they need to consider their courier options more carefully or be more realistic with their objectives if they are putting couriers under too much pressure. On the face of it, Amazons service was excellent.

This morning (Monday) City Link delivered the item, only to be told by the driver (who said himself he knew my address) that the item was not on his van on Friday, otherwise he would have delivered it. He also said there was no reason it could not have been delivered on Saturday which is contrary to what I had been told by the call centre operator.

So the only question is - who at City-Link is the liar?

Pet Supermarket

Great service - Use them time and again

Consistent pricing and free delivery for my diet cat food. Have been using them a couple of years and had no problems.

Once I made an error on an order (my fault). Fortunately I quickly spotted my error and contacted They were very obliging, cancelled the order which had not been dispatched and refunded the money.

Happy to recommend!

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