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how could un-deliverable ever happened?

placed an order on Mar.6, never got my package,
i've been tracking the package with the tracking number they provided.
and the status of my package never shows En-route,but Electronic Notification only.
i asked them few times about my package,they just said it's on the way to me.
then guess what,today i got a email from Karmaloop,says that my order has been cancelled,becuz it was un-deliverable,how the hell it was un-deliverable?! don't they need to contact me first if they can't deliver by the time? but i didn't see any missed phone calls.

and i actually have sent a email to DHL Globe,which is Karmaloop's shipping carrier,
i asked them about the package with the tracking number Karmaloop has provided to me,
and DHL said, they didn't receive the package at all!

so i don't know what the hell they were doing with my order, i shopped from them many times,and always something's up,

3 times faulty item,1 time wrong size,and now is stupid un-deliverable thing which shouldn't ever happen and never happened before.

and their customer service is way worse than before.



Placed the order on Dec.4,however they shipped my order on Dec.17.

and i've been waiting for my package which has never arrived.
had to contact them few times during the whole time.
all i got the answer from them were like,[it's only 17 working day],[it's only 23 working days].

so today i sent a email again,cuz it's been over 30 days.
and i got the same answer again,[it's only 25th working day].
how the hack it's only 25th working days?! since they shipped my order on Dec.17.

so i told the customer service,today for sure is over 28 working days!!

then now what,they told me i gotta wait for another 2 weeks working day,to get the answer of where's my package from Royal Mail.

this is ridiculous!

im guessing once i get the answer of where's my package (which is obviously gone missing),then i gotta wait for another 2 weeks to get the refund huh?


Phix Clothing

they say there's no product quality control

WARNING:be careful if you are buying the items that LOOKS like VINTAGE from this website.

I have placed the order of MILITARY CAMO FLECKTARN SHIRT which it doesn't say it's a VINTAGE item.
i order 2 different size of this jacket,got it return 2 times,i had 3 of jackets in hand by exchange,all of them weren't in right condition.

first time i got the jacket was stinks,worn,pen ink leaked,so i returned it and got the exchange.
Second time i got another size of the jacket plus the one i have return to exchange before,and they have weird pen mark on the label,one has sizing on the label,another doesn't have,and compare 2 jackets,totally different color,one looks like washed many times,and there's some weird stitch.

i asked them why the quality so bad,they said it's vintage item (but it doesn't say anything about vintage on the website,otherwise i wo),so it could be worn,and no quality control or perfect condition.

the whole shopping process has been over a month now since i placed my first order,and still not getting the items that what i expected or what it suppose to be.

so it just end up im going return the item and get the refund,it's pain in the ass to deal with this company.

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