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batted back and forth like a Ping pong. no laptop and no refund!

I placed an order 29th of October. I had emails from one. employee saying all going to plan etc etc and emails from another saying if I didn't email from my university email (I'm not a student) then they would cancel. one week three dats later courier attempted delivery and I wasn't in as I wasn't informed delivery was happening. arranged to be in on Monday. say in all day no delivery. phoned the courier and dell had recalled the order. I emailed sales advisor she said order wasn't cancelled and on way, other emails saying order was cancelled and phone call saying reorder which I said no to that I wanted to cancel my order. requested refund as the money should not have even been taken from my account. said 3-4 days. I'm still waiting and no one responding to emails. really disgraceful service from a 'reputable' company

DFS Furniture

Nice sofa but extras are a joke.

We bought a three seater, foot stool and a cuddler sofa from Belfast store. the sofa is nice and comfortable however I aid £205 for the fabric protection as I was told that it protected against every sort of stain. If it doesnt blot up they will clean it or re-cover. The leaflet says pet urine but if you read the small print it covered the removal of the look of the stain but not odour. WFT!!! is that not the whole point in urine its clear but stinks. thats just one example. My son silt milk on the sofa this morning and had buttery fingers on the footstool (got cream and tan stripe as it was protected. The milk (that is meant to 'sit on top of the fabric due to the barrier') soaked in immediately and the greese is still on the footstool. I have phoned to cancel the 5 year rotection as it cost £205 and I dont believe its even protected. DO NOT TAKE THE 5 YEAR FABRIC PROTECTION IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY AND GIVES YOU A FALSE SECURITY!!!!. Also the delivery was £50 and that was just added on without being told. We have a van so could have picked it up for free if we had been told. EXTRAS ARE A RIP OFF!!!

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