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Worst service ever in three countries

It has taken me over 8 weeks to open a basic account with HSBC, in spite of them telling me that I was able to do so with no problem. They have sent things to the incorrect address, lied to me about what was going on with my application, haven't given me the correct information at any time and I have spent at least 8 hours total on the phone with them trying to get access to just one basic bank account.

They lost the paperwork twice, in spite of having reference numbers all over it and I had to go back into a branch and fill out everything all over again. Then absolutely nothing got done for 2 more weeks until I phoned and asked them. It was just sitting there unprocessed apparently.

I had to leave the country before they sent out the token used to access my account online, so they promised they would send it to a home address so my friend could send it on to me. Instead, I phone them again weeks later to find out they sent it to the branch and were expecting me to go and pick it up. In spite of repeated requests, they then sent it to the branch again. So I still cannot access my own account online, after 8 weeks of being lied to and given the run around.

Every single thing they have promised to do has not been done. They then treat you like you should be grateful every time you phone and have to wait 20 minutes to speak to someone and each individual person believes they are 'helping you out' to some extreme degree when it is their JOB to actually get this stuff done.

Would I ever use HSBC again? Not on your life.

I'm Australian, I do business in 3 major countries and I have never had such a poor customer service experience with any bank.

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