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I can't belive theres no reviews on this amazing company!

I was skeptical ordering flat pack furniture, but I had no reason to be, delivered within days assembly quite easy (when you read the instructions that is, assembled it the wrong way first time round thinking I didn't need it)

all the peices just lock in place, no tools required, sofa can be taken apart back to flatpack if you move, very comfortable too.

We bought a sofa from them just over 2 months ago now, and still very happy, many people have commented on the quality of it, often surprised when we said it was a self assembly item.

Will be looking to buying more with them in the future :)


Quick topup codes by email!

This company is the only company I could find online that will sell topupvouchers for your pay as you go phone without charging extra, they have a bit of an annoying security system, the first order you make you have to confirm its you with your land line, they phone you, give you a 4 digit code, that confirms who you are then you can order as much as you like from them, once thats confirmed ordering is very fast, quick email codes for your phone too, they also give you a 10% discount for your second order :)

Excellent prices, not so excellent commuication

First off, I paid the lowest price I could find for a mid-high range product.

Can't argue with the price, fantastic in my mind.

item wasn't in stock as shown on the website, seems to be a common thing happening with cheaper websites these days, phoned to arrange a new delivery date, only 3 days later, apparently stock hadn't arrived in when they expected it, for the price I can't complain, the same cooker in most major retailers was £200 more.

I feel they could have better commutications with their customers, otherwise highly recommended :)


Excellent prices and services

Overall a good company, although there are somethings that I feel should be mentioned.

First of all, trying to get hold of them via phone is next to impossible.
Secondly, they are based in france, I was under the impression it was a UK company.

Saying that, generally they have excellent prices on things, Have used them a couple of times, my initial experiance was a bit shady, but that was more of a me being paranoid after looking at reviews online, had I not read any reviews everything would be fine. I tried to cancel my order after reading reviews online (something I usually do before buying!) was told via email that my order couldn't be cancelled as it was already dispatched and would have to refuse delivery, no problems there thats normal procedure for a company, however trying to find a working phone number was a nightmare. A quick google will give an email address for pixmania with very speedy results, not sure what it was off hand as it was a few months ago when I used it.

I actually thought delivery was excellent, goods arrive very quickly, usually within 2 days, delivery prices are fair considering the prices of the goods, not a fan of their adding lots of crazy things to the basket when you goto order, but if you order frequently their VIP thingy seems worth it, however personally i've never ordered it.

At the end of the day cheaper sites will always be cheaper for a reason, I'd of rated this company 5 stars if I could of found a working phone number for them.


Good prices, only stock quality components

Ordered from chilled pc, i only live around 5 miles away and they let me pick up the goods same day, always excellent prices, very friendly support.

they have a community built forum, members are always happy to help you out, and its not as childlike as many other web forums of shops i've been to..

have a look at some of the case mods in the forum too, some truely excellent work ;)

Excellent RMA!

Bought a tv for my nan for chirstmas, after a few months the tv was acting up, at first i thought itwas my nan going crazy as i had a look at it and it was fine, then for no reason tv wouldn't turned on, after a bit of playing around it was the powerpack that failed. no problem, thought i'd returned it, packed it all up ready to go back, filled in the online rma request, strangly after about 15 minutes had a phonecall from ebuyer, they told me no need to send the entire tv back, and they'll ship out a new powerpack for the tv, 2 days later recieved new powerpack free of charge, was quite impressed with how quick it was, i've had some returns take months to get back!


Always quick deivery, fair pricing!

Used dabs quite a few times over the years, and figured i should start rating companies i've only had good experiances with!

generally buy clearance or used stock from dabs to save money, well if the option is there, and everytime has been excellent, so far i've had one motherboard fail on me under warranty and had no issues returning the item, obviously its not there fault it failed, but it was quick and easy to replace it, so no complains, always one of my first choices when buying new hardare


Bought alternator, told 3 months warranty...doa could not return..

I bought an alternator for my volvo s60, ok it was a very good price £75 delivered, but i still expected it to work, upon fitting it sounding like metal grinding against metal, not like the bearings had gone, as if the insides were properly grinding against itself, anyways i thought no worries got a 3 month warranty, contacted 'New City Parts' as thats who 24/7 directed me to, the phone number was always busy and after 3 minutes i would get a message telling me to try calling back later and would hang up, for 2 months i tried to contact them, so in frustration i turned to 24/7 spares, emailed, tried to find a phonenumber but couldn't find one...

incidently after double checking the part numbers, the part did fit my car, but it was from the pre facelift model, i'm sure its the same part but they insisted it was from a facelift model car.

Will avoid in future, and have learnt to just buy new instead of trying to save, at least, buy new if your local scrappy doesn't have it ;)


Ordered Item over 2 weeks ago, no sign of anything being done

used the website to ask what was happening, was told someone would get back to me, that was a week ago, using paypal to try and get a refund, would stay away from, i knew there hsould of been a reason their site was so cheap

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