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Memory Foam Warehouse

Incapable of delivering; not once but twice.

Ordered on a Thursday before noon. Get an email a few hours later, "Your order has been despatched!" The email has a tracking number for the courier, so I book Friday off work.

Five minutes to seven on Thursday they call to say there's been a problem in the warehouse. It won't be delivered as agreed. But hey, they''ll upgrade me to a morning delivery on Monday! (Important note here. A morning delivery two days late isn't an upgrade.)

Call them at 8:05 on Monday morning to confirm it'll be delivered. The guy confirms for me that he can see it's left the warehouse and is with the courier.

It ceases to be morning. I remain mattressless. (Well, without the new one, anyway.) I wait in a queue for nearly twenty minutes. The recorded message that reminds me how valued I am as a customer suffers from some sort of electrical distortion and sounds like it's possessed. The pleasant girl who answers the phone tells me she'll check with the courier.

The mattress apparently exists only in the Twilight Zone between MFW who claim they definitely sent it to the courier and the courier who say they don't have it. "All we can do is wait and see if it turns up with the courier over the next few days!"

Oh and at least as importantly, "There's no way the system would have confirmed your order went out." Or put another way, "The guy you spoke to this morning to confirm you didn't waste a day of your leave... That guy outright lied to you."

The staff are perfectly pleasant, though it should be remembered that at least one of them is a bare faced liar. The waiting time to get through to speak to someone is too long.

But the most important issue is that they were simply incapable of organising the delivery of their product not just once, but twice.

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