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Still Good But Not as Good as it Once Was

Don't be fooled these days - LastMinute hasn't been about last minute deals for a long long time now! You can still find a decent holiday at a good price but prices are nowhere near as competitive as they were in the early yearsof the company.

Site is relatively easy to use although frequent server problems and a few bugs can cause some serious frustration if you're a seasoned traveller who really likes to drill down options. Good links and cross references but there is an increasing dissatisfaction with misrepresentation and dressing up of lower quality hotels.

Overall, the holiday search engine is ok because of the extensive partnership and deals made on the strength of the brand but I find that I'm using the site more as a research tool than a final booking point.

I think it's time for LastMinute to invest in a serious overhaul to redefine its edge in this tough industry.


It's Cheap But That's About it!

I thought Easyjet was cheap until I decided to check out RyanAir. It might be cheap cheap but I can't see why their website needs to be so incredibly... the word 'basic' doesn't even cover it. Sites can be basic but still look and function well. looks and behaves like a site in the mid to late 90s!

You are not able to book multiple destinations in a single transaction. the selection process is not intuitive and checkout process is fiddly. The whole experience is not one that inspires confidence - I still don't feel that confident about the validity of fares I've purchased, for example.

I guess it does the job but a little more time and effort could be spent in polishing the site appearance and functionality. It doesn't need to have millions pumped into it to make it better.

I've not actually flown with them yet but know people who have. Therefore, my rating is soley based on the online shopping experience itself.

Tesco Tyres

Rebranded With Added Advantage of Clubcard Points!

Tesco Tyres is a rebrand of well known online tyre retailer

Service is excellent. I had a problem with my email box bouncing so they even bothered to call me for an alternative to whicj they could send order confirmation - a lot of comapnies wouldn't have even bothered.

Delivery is prompt - exactly when they said and goods are exatly as expected. Not much else to add really. Does exactly what t says on the tin! The temptation of 2x or even 4x Tesco Clubcard points is a definite decision swinger. Pricing is also highly competitive. Only real downer is a slight limiation in brand range. if only they would do a rebrand of one of the budget brands to Tesco Value range of tyres - they'd be on a winner LoL!

Very Competitive Online Tyre Retailer

Easy to use site. Excellent links to independent reviews and information on most, if not all, tyres. Great range of brands from obscure budget brands to the biggest names in tyres. Pricing is competitive, although not necessarily always the cheapest (but not far off). Delivery always prompt.

Some people will complain that the company didn't advise them of this or that regarding specific tyres. Some even expect the retailer to act as a conduit for complaints to the manufacturers! Simply obsurd! These guys are online retailers. They bring cheap pricing to tyres that would ordinarily cost much more at regular tyre retail depots. Want to have a good moan about rubbish tyres?! Then complain direct to manufacturer!

As an owner of three cars and a car nut myself, I have no qualms in contunuing to provide my custom for as long as they offer a good deal. I use my own fitter. Those unable to fit or have no access to independent fitters should choose the fitted option. I have no experience of service from their fitting partners so am unable to comment on the quality of that service. However, as a tyre supplier/retailer - couldn't really ask for more.


One of my Preferred IT Suppliers

Have been a customer for years. It can be a little difficult to find what you want on the site (the product sub categorization and search result filtering can be improved significantly) but the service itself has always been top rate. Order processing and delivery is always prompt. I have not had any cause for complaint. Recommended.


Does What it Says on The Tin!

As a frequent and seasoned IT equipment buyer, I've had my fair share of good and bad shopping experiences. Some of the worst have been from the biggest names (yes, read this Lenovo!) and conversely the better experiences have often been from the smaller independent retailers.

Different people from all walks of life buy laptops. A lot of them expect a new machine to be perfectly set up and magically do everything they want it to straight out of the box. These are types that are most likely to complain the most and to these people I say 'go buy a Mac!' and even then you still have to set stuff up!

Whenever I've bought from LaptopsDirect the service has been spot on. Items arrive exactly when I expect them.
The shopping process itself is uncomplicated.
The pricing is very competitive.
The choice of lines is excellent.
The availability of graded stock is also excellent (for those who know what they're doing and know exactly what they want).
Customer service (had to call in a couple of times to check manufacturer's specifics) is also excellent and polite (and UK based).

I have no hesitation in continued repeat business and would recommend heartily.


Excellent Product Quality!

I don't buy shirts anywhere else! The quality of cloth and finish are both excellent. Ticket price can be a bit steep but constantly discounted lines and offers bring prices down to high street level. Their non-iron shirts are simply the best - both mens and ladies (one of the very few places you can actually get non-iron ladies). Overall, great quality products (not just limited to shirts) on easy to use site with confidence of well established quality English tailor. Top notch.


Now My ONLY Place for Tees!

Custom T Shirts used to be a pain to get made. No more! CafePress has opened up availability of quality bespoke merchandise to the general public. Never before have I been able to so freely browse designs from, literally, anybody and everybody! No more being stuck with what choice retailers can offer.

The site is very easy to use. The search engine is thorough and fast. Shipping is perhaps the greatest asset with localized currency and absolute shipping costs - it's quick too (considering internation delivery). Frequent offers is a bonus. I go nowhere else for my T shirts these days!


A ReBranded Presentation of Expedia

For those looking for a holiday from a familiar high street name. The Expedia engine has provided the online offering for Thomas Cook since late 2009/early 2010.

Easy to use site with good search engiine, options, checkout and confirmation services. Only issue is why bother when it's actually Expedia in disguise?!


Still Good But Not Quite The Amazon it Once Was

Amazon - the original and ubiquitous online book retailer. In the past, if you wanted to buy a book online you would go to Amazon. That's all they did, and they did it well.

The old adage of 'the empire must grow to survive' then kicked in and suddenly Amazon was selling everything under the sun! 3rd party merchant partnerships now power the bulk of Amazon's online offerings. when you buy something from Amazon - you're most likely just getting it from small guy paying Amazon for the privilege. Therfore, the shopping experience is a very mixed bag.

I've had some excellent shopping experiences and some dire beyond dire examples too. This is all because you're not really buying from Amazon - just whoever is selling that particular product under the Amazon umbrella. Therefore, it isn't possible or productive to rate the group as a whole. It is simply luck of the draw!!

The site is now very confusing to use. Look up a product and it is available with multiple descriptions from different retailers. You are never sure WHO you are actually buying from. Make sure to read reviews and ratings left by other users (and be wary of fake good reviews planted by retailers themselves) of the third party merchants actually selling the products.

Call me cynical but these days whenever I place an order on Amazon, I do so and then hope for the best but expect the worst! Having said that, the majority of the time it is good - but that may be because I only choose to buy select products via Amazon.


No Pun Intended But Miles Above Other Budget Airlines!

Not usually one to take budget airlines but can't be too choosy these days as ££s are scarce! Online booking process is excellent. There's no other way to put it. The flight availability and pricing engine is intuitive and indispensable. The cost of flights is highly competitive - RyanAir may be cheaper on some routes but I've also booked on their site and it's laughable in comparison. Payment and confirmation procedure is straight forward and second to none.

As with all budget/no frills airlines, there is no checked seating arrangement - the free-for-all rush to bag a seat on the bus makes me laugh still.

Not travelled with them extensively and not had a delay or cancellation yet but given its budget status one has to be mentally prepared for such. If a flight is mission critical then I'd always choose a premium airline but doing a trip on the cheap then I'd always look at EasyJet as an option even though it invariably means having to drive (and subsequently park) to Gatwick or Stanstead when I live a stone's throw away from Heathrow.

All in all, service provision is sound and professional. I think this is as good as it gets for budget airlines.


Great Online Shop Let Down Slightly By Economy Courier Communications

The shop itself is excellent - with extremely good collection of even non mainstream lines. Choice of checkout facilities excellent - including Paypal. However, (this is speculative) Paypal payment may affect order processing speed. I ordered on evening of 7/3/11 but order was only marked as shipped (tracking number provided) at 6pm the next day. Having paid £4.75(+vat) for Parcelforce 2-3 day delivery, I would have expected delivery on 10/3. The provided tracking number only became valid on afternoon of 10/3 - not really very useful.

While the uninformative tracking is only a reflection of the courier service, the retailer's speed of order processing (one entire working day), in this day and age, is something that'd I'd only expect as part of a free shipping deal. In fact, I had later ordered an item on free shipping from Amazon that arrived before even the ParcelForce tracking became valid for my MemoryC order!

In summary, great shop but be aware that payment method may (or may not - so check with MemoryC 1st) affect order processing speed. Other buyers don't seem to have much issues with delivery speed. Do remember that quality of shipping is down to the individual courier service and not necessarily reflective in charge applied.

11 March 2011

Reply from

Many thanks for taking the time to review our store.
Just a small point in relation to the shipping date and payment method. Your order was placed at 22.50 in the evening of March 7th. We shipped it on the 8th which is the first possible date it could have shipped. Delivery took place today, March 11th, which is 3 days from the shipping date - within the advertised 2-3 days for the delivery service you selected.
Please let us know if we can help any further.

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